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March 20, 2008

wonderfull sea

Prepare to get wet in this week's new Minoto point and click game wonderfull sea.


Anonymous said...

Whay, first!!

Anonymous said...

very easy.5 minutes

Anonymous said...

Fun anf Easy , 5 min. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeeeah! :D Cut game. ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They're getting easier by the week...

Anonymous said...

No, we 're getting better every week :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Im with you jut....

Anonymous said...

what do u do after you give the seal the clam from the dark cave and telescope the ship?

Anonymous said...

and out...
indeed getting better every week!

Anonymous said...

Otters use a tool to open shells. The key to winning this game is to attend to all the wild creatures

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am drunk.

Anonymous said...


Margoluv said...

Very easy but here is a walkthrough for people who got stuck.

Click on the bottom sea chestnuts until all are up, then they will for into one.

click on that one chestnut and he will be in your item box.

On the bottom left there is a Key on under the sea plant.

Click right twice till you see two fishes on the screen, and a sea weed on the bottom left.

Click your sea chestnut from your item box.

Use the sea chestnut to cut the sea weed to get the tree branch from behind.

Click on the fish that is swim to add to you item box.

Click the fish that is at a distance until it gets closer. An Angler fish should appear.

Click right.

Click on the telescope.

Use the tree branch on the hole next to the octopus.

Click on the crab to free the octopus.

Click on th octopus and it should leave behind a pool of ink.

click right.

Click on the boulder to open and click inside.

Use Angler fish to light up room and grab the clam, and go back out.

click left 3 time till you see the sea otter, dolphin, octopus, and ship.

Give the clam to the sea otter.

Give the fish to the dolphin.

Use your telescope on the ship so it can get closer.

Click on the octopus until he sinks the ship.

Click right two times until you see the ink.

Click on the dolphin to remove the ink, and later you get a stone.

Click left two times back and give the stone to the otter.

Get clam from otter, and click on the item box to get a close up of the clam. you should get a pearl.

Click all the way right until you see another clam on the sea floor.

Give the Clam the pearl and it should reflect the light.

Margoluv said...

click on shark and follow him to scare the octopus.

Once the Octopus is away from the chest, get key to open the chest.

Get the key of the sea goddess.

use it to enter her palace and finish.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the wa;kthrough - i like these games but can nnever finish em :D ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Aww! ^^ It's so cute! <33 Did it with a little help... xD

Anonymous said...

i just won in like 5 mintues that was the stupidest but cuteist game Ever!!! lol
(0 o)
------- lol it's a bunny


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