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March 11, 2008

turtle help

In case you were already panicking Minoto didn't make another point and game last week, the worrying can now stop as the new Minoto has arrived: turtle help.


Anonymous said...

nice game, finished it in 15 min.

Anonymous said...

the two insects were a bit random but besides that nice and easy like usual

Anonymous said...

Nice and easy

Anonymous said...

Anyone who needs a waltrhrough? :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

where did u stuck

Anonymous said...

got blue crystal, i'm there and need help. just fed silkworm.

Anonymous said...

now i got golden beetle

Anonymous said...

hey people,
what's next after you get the deer horn??
please answer me..
thank you

Anonymous said...

After you get the deer horn, apply the sharp stone to it.

Anonymous said...

saved the turtle....

scibot said...
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scibot said...
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Anonymous said...

1)Click right to get to the forrest.

2)On the bottom left behind the tree, pick up the 1st stone.

3)Click right, and get 2nd stone on the bottom right near the Big tree and grass.

4)Click on the dessert on the table next to the man.

5)Click left 2 times.

6)Put the dessert on the Table and click on the Boulder for the Sunman to come out.

7)Once the dessert is on the table, click on the dessert so the Sunman will come eat.

8)Click inside and see the cats play with the turtle shell.

9)Pick up 3rd stone, and click back out.

10)Click all the way to the far right and place the stones on the water.

11)Pick up the tree branch.

12)Click 2 times till you see the bee comb.

13)Use the tree branch to wake the
bee. Click on the bee to scare the deer.

14)Pick up the deer horn. (should say antlers).

15)Click right and use deer horn on big tree.

16)See a silk worm fall off the tree into the grass.

17)Click on the grass to get the silk worm.

18)Use you deer horn again and see the Beetle of gold fall off into the grass.

19)Click left 2 times, and place the silk worm on the silk leaves on the bottom right.

20)Get silk worm and the sharp stone.

21)Click on the Silk worm to get the silk string.

22)Use the sharp stone on the deer horn to make a fish hook.

23)Combined the Tree branch, silk, and fish hook to make a rod.

24)Click all the way right till you see the fish in the lake.

25)Use your rod to catch a fish.

26)Click left and put the fish on the table next to the man.

27)Go back (click right) and catch another fish.

28)Click all the way left till you see the cats.

29)Give the fish to one cat. Go back and catch another fish, and do the same thing with the other cat.

30)The cats should have gone away after you gave them the fish.

31)You click twice on the turtle and watch him swim away.

Not sure why you can give the man a fish or what the Beetle of gold is good for.

Anonymous said...

Aww... :3 really cute, this too^^ Finished it with some help, but did it^^

Anonymous said...

oh so after you put the fish on the table, you find a diamond bettle in the bush where the silk worm fell. after you free the turtle from the cats, you get a different ending with a statue and the bugs sitting on it.


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