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March 08, 2008

diy escape

You accidentally dropped your keys into a metal tube while doing some DIY work. So it looks like you're going to get busy in DIY escape.


Anonymous said...

yeah. I am first. Great! Norway rules

Lorinsilver said...

Well, that killed the time for 5 minutes...

Anonymous said...

First game I finished...

Dumb Dumber

Truus said...

A nice and easy one, for a sunday-morning.

Anonymous said...

Probably nobody needs a walktrough. If still, I quickly made one:
1. Get
- the screwider out of the boards in the wall,
- the hammer from the case,
- the sponge from behind the tins,
- the match from the bottom of the case
- the magnet from the broken metal-finder behind the metal tube
2. Fix the desk lamp with the screwider
3. Break the lamp with the hammer
4. Light the match with the filament
5. Put the match to the fire alarm
6. Put the magnet to the sponge
7. Throw the sponge with the magnet to the tube
8. Put the hose to the metal tube
9. Tap the water
10. Get the key and open the door with it.
11. Congratulations, you're out!

too sober said...

did it without the walkthrough. yay me! killed a couple of minutes of my time while the kettles on :)

Anonymous said...

Through as well!

qwert said...

hm. the grafics and gameplay remindes me of White room from january 3. this is alot easyer, though.

Anonymous said...

Nice and easy alright.


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