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September 23, 2008

t2b escape 3

A strange place, where is here? It's your call to escape t2b escape3.


Contralto said...


sayhowdyags06 said...

What a great game!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only find the following:
red coin
board with bear

agnes said...

Seems like a great game, yes, but since I'm really pathetic I can't figure it out XD I WILL try again, though, when I've got the time!

too sober said...

cant get it to work for me-says service unavailable :(

Anonymous said...


Midge said...

I got 3 picture tiles, a hammer, firewood, a stick and a red coin.

kevin said...

WTF it says i cant go on thats messed up!

kevin said...

okay now im stuck help pleez!

Contralto said...

with the hammer, hit the bricks on the left side of the fireplace.

Anonymous said...

stuck only wood, tile from fireplace and red coin.

agnes said...

where did you guys find a hammer, anyway? please, help, i'm really stuck :/

Anonymous said...

1. Left side of the fireplace, take red coin. Notice that a brick can come out;
2. Right side of the fireplace, take sheep board. Click on green part and get the long stick.
3. Go to the door and click on blue pedestal (with 4 flowers). Get zebra board; Notice shape and sheep image beneath the left lamp.
4. Step back and, with the long stick, click upper part of the door. See the lights; get hammer and monkey board.
5. Go to the drawers. Click under it and get the slices and lion board;
6. Back to the left side of the fireplace, use hammer and get brick. Look at the hole. Get yellow key and notice zebra drawning and the shape of the hole (square);
7. Click behind the armour. Can’t tell the exact place. It’s near its head. Get elephant board (right bottom). Behind arm on the left side Put brick on the mechanism. Get shield.
Use yellow key on the first drawer. Get fox board and read the book. Notice the shapes linked to the animals - lion-star, monkey-musical note; fox-x. Get red key.
8. Use red key on the next drawer. Get matches and see the box. Put boards according to the shapes: lion - star; zebra - square; elephant - triangle; sheep - circle; fox - x; monkey - note.
9. Get oil
10. Put wood, oil (you have to open it first) and matches (you have to open it too) on the fireplace. Get sword.
11. Click on dragon picture above fireplace. Take it. Get blue coin.
12. Put sword on armour’s hand. Click head and get blue key. Take sword back.
13. Use blue key on last drawer. Get blue coin and “doubtful pill”.
14. Open the pill’s jar and take it. Put in inside the blue flower’s vase. Get green key.
15. Put fire on dragons image. It will indicate places in dragon’s body.
16. Use green key on clock. Get red coin and notice the diagram. Move the pendulo (sorry, don’t know the word) and see the corresponded hours for the pedestals with flowers (triangle: 8:15; square: 9:00);
17. Use coins on pedestals;
18. Open door and face the dragon. Protect yourself with the shield (remember the book).
19. Hit him several time on eyes and wings (sooo sad! I didn’t like it at all); You will be able to reach his throat now. Something is hurting him. Take the thing off and have a little chat with him.
20. That’s it.

agnes said...

what long stick is it that's described in pt 4? ^^'

Anonymous said...

great game, with no cheats!
nor boring clicks!

matt w said...

Click behind the armour. Can’t tell the exact place. It’s near its head.

Feh. Why do game designers think it's fun to make us find an exact pixel to click on, without leaving any hint as to where it should be?

Anonymous said...

No kidding! I have clicked near its head and around the blue pedestal a million times and can't get it. Arrgggh

ma said...

the elephant is in the view of the handle behind the amour in the very right bottom


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