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March 12, 2024

maintenance [browser]

You are an inspector tasked with structure calibration. Get through eight configurations and get out in the puzzle game Maintenance by Eugene Radaev.


Anonymous said...

Any ideas on how to do the level with 7 walls? The bottom left has a timer of 5, the upper right has two walls with a 3 and 2 countdown. I'm stuck here.

Meblin said...

I think this is level 7. Move right after each activation.

I cannot work out how to do the next level after this one.

Meblin said...

Just got level 8. Move right or left after each activation

Meblin said...

Didn't realise there was more content with a countdown.

Am stuck on a level with a 5 countdown and no way to end up on top of it to go up?

Not being able to select earlier levels without playing from the start is anoying.

Meblin said...

Think this is the level you are on

Only move 1 space after each activation

Anonymous said...

Fun Game, but too short

Xexus said...

yet longer than I expected, expected it to end after the first 9

Anonymous said...

Also stuck on the level with the 5 countdown

-Spike- said...

Solution for the Level where you start on the 5-Countdown
ROT13 encoded

1. Npgvingr gur gbc yrsg jnyy (gung tbrf gb gur evtug)
2. 1 fgrc evtug, npgvingr jnyy orybj lbh gb tb hc
3. Npgvingr gbc jnyy (gung tbrf qbja) gb pehfu gur jnyy ba gbc bs lbh
4. 1 fgrc evtug gb qebc qbja gb gur evtug yrqtr
5. 1 fgrc evtug, gura npgvingr gur jnyy evtug gb lbh gb trg chfurq qbja
6. 1 fgrc evtug, 1 fgrc yrsg, gur jnyy jvyy yvsg lbh hc

Urban Garlic said...

This was interesting, I gave up a few times, but then came back and was able to progress, and finally finished it. So, pretty much optimal level of difficulty for me, plus I always like to call out games that save your progress.

Arlyo2 said...

To adjust timing get pushed a bit, more or less.

eszterencs said...

I like the "story" :-) Nice game!

You can select levels, the dots in the main menu are the levels.


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