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March 30, 2024

kawaroom [browser]

Can you escape from Kawaroom, the latest puzzle game by Neko Donut? Watch for objects that change when you traverse from one room to the other with the up and down keys.


Andy said...

I can move among the three levels and move things around within the levels, but I don't see any effect I'm having otherwise. The power switch doesn't seem to do anything, the fountain starts and stops on its own, and so on. What am I missing?

Stevens Miller said...

Well, I can pick things up and carry them around, and I can move the lever. That's all I can do. Spent several minutes with it, but got nowhere.

Fiddler said...

Hint: You can grab the bird.

MRK said...

That was fun! Took me a moment or two to have any effect moving the objects around, but once you get one change, it leads to another. Completed one ending and may go back to it later to get the other ending. Thanks, Neko Donut and Bart!

MRK said...

BTW: I solved it without grabbing the bird, so maybe that's a clue towards the alternate ending. Hint: The first 'change' I got was with the flower pot + fountain.

Unknown said...

Huh, I have absolutely no idea what to do with this game. I almost wonder if I'm missing an action button? I can pick things up but that's about it? I managed to get the bird, hammer the wall and move the bookcase (somehow???) but that's all? Can anyone who has finished it post a tip or walkthrough? This one is very odd.

Anonymous said...

I can't say it makes much more sense after you've solved it, however here it is:

Tb gb jbeyq guerr, funxr gerr fb nccyr snyyf, cvpx hc cynag naq fgnaq ol sbhagnva, jura vg sybjf cerff fcnpr fb cynag tebjf.
Jbeyq gjb, chg sebt ba gnoyr, vg yrncf naq oernxf cyngr. Guerr vf abj qnex, funxr ohfu naq png ehaf.
Tb gb gjb naq gnxr tbyq onef, tbgb bar naq chg onggrel va ubyqre, syvc fjvgpu gb oernx yvtug.
Gjb, gnxr purfg, onpx gb bar juvyr ubyqvat vg naq eryrnfr onyybba haqre oebxra yvtug, onpx gb gjb gb trg svfu fxryrgba.
Gb bar, chg genfu va pna, trg onggrel, tb gb guerr naq qvt va sybjreorq jvgu gebjry gb trg xrl.

Rnfgre rtt, va jbeyq bar be gjb zbir gb sne evtug, tb gb guerr fb lbh ner oruvaq oveq naq pncgher vg.
Jbeyq gjb, hfr unzzre ba penpxrq cynfgre, fcvqre pbzrf bhg.
Nsgre jbeyq guerr vf qnex, abgr fznyy hayvg fgne va pbafgryyngvba ng evtug. Jnvg va jbeyq gjb hagvy fcvqre vf ng gung cbfvgvba, zbir gb guerr.
Fgnef sbez neebj naq iraqvat znpuvar fyvqrf evtug.
Va jbeyq gjb, obbxpnfr unf nyfb zbirq erirnyvat frpbaq qbbe.

Stage name said...

Cuteness squared. Shows what you can do with simple graphics, limited actions and a fun idea. Got both endings but not exactly sure why the second door appears. Also, you're already outside on the top level so you're escaping to . . . ?

Stevens Miller said...

Thanks for the rot13 walkthrough, @Anonymous.

A big challenge in an escape game is making the cause-and-effect relationships between the mechanics and the solutions to the puzzles seem "sensible." That may seem silly, given that so many escape games are based on ridiculous premises in the first place. But so is the idea of a world with orcs and magic rings, yet we've seen how that can hold together just fine.

When the relationships feel arbitrary, they don't feel sensible to me. This gets worse when the human/computer interface is also inconsistent, such as having one button or key do more than one thing without some cue to the human player that this is to be expected.

I'm glad others liked it. This one just seemed kind of "made up" to me.

Anonymous said...

A simple visual indicator like when a hand pointer changes to a grasp icon is all this needs.
Also beware of the "R" button. [careful what you ask for eh?]
Might as well warn people about the "X" icon too, it is not for closing anymore!

Anonymous said...

Nice game if you progress, otherwise a little confusing. I liked it though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rot13 walkthru. I could have spent days and not gotten the key, although I stumbled on a couple things that I couldn't find a second time. Cute but pretty much random.

The Great Unknown said...

Press up/down to go to rooms 1,2, or 3. Press space to interact.
Go to room 3. Get plant, go to fountain. Press space when water flows.
In room 2, put frog on table. Go to Room 3.
R3 Shake bush.
R2 Get gold.
R1 Use battery and switch.
R3 Shake tree, get apple.
R1 Release balloon at glass.
R2 Get fishbone.
R1 Put trash in bin, get battery.
R3 Use trowel on soil.
R1 Use key on door. Or...
R3 Get bird (sneak up from world 2).
R2 Use hammer on crack.
When spider is lowest, go to Room 3.
R2 Use key on door.

Anonymous said...

Great Unknown - thanks for ruining the game for me by posting the full walkthrough!
Not cool.


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