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March 20, 2024

blumgi soccer [browser]

Shoot the ball into the goal in the crazy wolrds of the physics puzzler Blumgi Soccer by Blumgi.


Anonymous said...

Total silliness, but what a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Post more games like this. Enjoyable!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok that was very fun. One question though.
After finishing all 20 worlds it restarts.
Is it new game plus? Because I have a crown now.

Mike Oxmal said...

this game was fun because i love kicking balls

Squirrel said...

So much fun!

MRK said...

So fun!!! The game mechanics, graphics, sound effects, & music just so well done. Couldn't stop playing. More, please! Thanks, Blumgi and Bart.

MRK said...

@Anonymous, 21 March 2024 at 12:50
Game does not seem to change on second go around. I got the crown, but the levels were all the same. That being said, it was still fun trying to beat the same levels but in different ways.

Loïc(Blumgi) said...

Hello :)
Loïc from Blumgi here. Thanks a lot Bart for linking my game.

Thanks guys for playing :) very impressed some of you already finished the game.
Yes the crown is just a way to thank player that finished the game and reward them for their time!
There's no more content yet, I design these small games like a one shot experience.
Very few people on Poki finish them (3% ?), glad you liked it :)

Nothing can't make a game designer happy than players finishing the game and enjoy it haha :D

Sir LIght said...

Reminds of a What The Golf silly game


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