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March 01, 2024

her trees: the puzzle house [browser, download paid]

Just like in the first Her Trees point and click game from 2 years ago, you have to solve the mystery of a strange room by moving things and combining them to unlock passwords in this new Her Trees: The Puzzle House by Stonetreebook. You can play the free demo in your browser or get the full game from Steam or


Anonymous said...

Got six balls on the tree. Think that's the end of the demo?

Stevens Miller said...

@Anonymous. Looks like it is. You get two, uh spheres on the top of the tree for the first puzzles in the box, then four more on one branch for the puzzles on the lab table. Looks like each of the other faces and whatever that leaves are each one more branch on the tree.

Anonymous said...

These puzzles look so much like the first game that I went & started replaying it.
I can't confirm or deny repeat puzzles as I quit when an ad. started.

Anonymous said...

Bought the game, finished all but one of the puzzles, and it won't let me click on that one (fish in fishbowl). Arrrgh!

Enjoyed it nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I remember playing the first one. Can't believe it was 2 years ago. Only played the demo, but the puzzles seem easier than the first one, I'm not sure if that's because they are actually easier because it is the demo, or I'm just familiar with Stonetreebook's style this time around. Either way, I'm going to check out the full version for sure. Thank you Bart!

Vincent W. said...

I tried out the demo, couldn't solve any of the main 4 puzzles, and quit.

A few days later, I revisited the demo and solved all of them in like 15 minutes :D

Figuring out the logic of each puzzle is super satisfying.


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