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February 10, 2024

ueqouow [browser]

Arvi Teikari is at it again, more block pushing puzzles: Ueqouow. Control one character with the cursor keys, the other one with the WSAD keys. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

My hopes were high to finally finish one of his games on this.
But alas there is no save & I just don't have enough spare time.
Really liked this version though.

Anonymous said...

I can't even finish the second level. Is there supposed to be another character on that one?

Anonymous said...

iu!m (=win! upside down)
This is genius.

Stevens Miller said...

I can't even do the first level. Only see one character there. What am I doing wrong?

Stage name said...

Another winnar. Finished the checkerboard lvl by accident, I assume.

(First level: Start by moving the bottom white block two #s to the right.)

Anonymous said...

It takes a we bit to figure out that there are two players.
Left hand & right hand, also white & black.
The fun really starts once you push the others world.

JohnReese said...

It's a shame that even now people with other keyboards than QWERTY and QWERTZ remain stuck out of playing some games.

Lighty said...

Gave up and went back to this as I thought it got very difficult, but then on second playing, realised that you could do most levels without getting too complicated - other than the checkerboard which was more by luck I think.

Screws with your brain a bit, but good fun. I'm liking these variations by Arvi.

@Stevens Miller, for the second level, there is only one player (second player doesn't come in until level 3). To solve it, the blocked room at the end needs to be open so you can go in and come back out again - with a block.

Full solution:

Svefg oybpx vf chfurq qbja bar fcnpr (ab bcgvba), gura chfu frpbaq oybpx hc gura svefg oybpx evtug fb lbh pna gura chfu gur frpbaq oybpx nyy gur jnl npebff gb gur qbbe, Hfr gur svefg oybpx gb bcra gur qbbe gura lbh pna chfu gur svefg oybpx vagb gura onpx bhg bs gur ebbz. Chg gur oybpxf ba gur Kf nf arrqrq gura.

Ronaldo Fake said...

Hi, Thanks this post

Anonymous said...


Not really easy with an azerty keyboard... would be good to allow for example using the numeric keypad.
Very nice apart from that !

a12r13 said...

Walkthrough here :
(this one took me some time with my azerty keyboard ;))


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