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February 07, 2024

snake solver [browser]

Snakes love apples, but unfortunately they always seem too far away or locked behind gates. Help the little snakes get to their favourite snacks in the latest puzzle game by Carlos Pedroso and Inês Ribeiro: Snake Solver.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty good, but I don't like how the "hint" just does the level for you and automatically moves on to the next one.

Hespetr3 said...

i finished the game, but there seems to be something more which is locked? I used a hint a couple of times, but those levels are registerede as completed with a star. And I don´t remember exactly which ones. Oh well. Cute game! And I loved the G-mi cameo!

MRK said...

So fun! Loved everything about this one: cute graphics, fun game mechanics, clever puzzles, and pleasant music. Thanks, Carlos Pedroso, Inês Ribeiro, and Bart!

Anonymous said...

Unusual for a snake game - you can actually move backwards. It seems the only restriction is if you are straight you can only back up until you hit a wall, or if you are already curved against a wall, you can back up until your last straight segment hits a wall.

isnahansi said...

I have no clue how to solve level 31.
Help please..

isnahansi said...

I mean I have 31 stars.... so I got stuck at lvl32

Calli Arcale said...

I am likewise stuck at level 31.

Olavo said...

This was just about right for me! Finished without any hints. Loved the music as well :-)
Dank voor het delen Bart!


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