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February 01, 2024

laqueus escape 2 - chapter 3 [browser]

Your escape from this strange place continues. Find your way out again in a new chapter of the escape the room game by Smartcode: Laqueus escape 2 - chapter 3.


TiCKed said...

I'm about half way through (guessing), and this is a toughie! Can't say I'm not enjoying the process, though.

Anonymous said...

too much AI slush

Anonymous said...

Agreed, so much AI generated imagery, its offputting and sad if that is the future of this sort of gaming.

Anonymous said...

I think they needed to pick a couple of good ones instead of hundreds of generated images. Also these people are talented, they don't need good quality images or generated stories. Just stick to your talents imo.

eszterencs said...

I am not agree with the previous comments. :-) I really enjoyed the game, reading the story, examining the pictures... It helps a lot if you watch some of the pictures in a smaller window. It wasn't easy nor very hard, I even found the 3 cards on my first try. I am really curious if I could open the other door, if there is an alternate ending... It is a good escape game, as all the other laqueus escape!

eszterencs said...

I was thinking, maybe I arrived on the other door in the previous part, I just cannot remember. :-)

Anonymous said...

I also got all 3 cards & enjoyed the art, story, puzzles, ect.
I swear I tried to move the chair & open the drawer at least one time prior to it working.
Also using AdBlock prevents getting the hints.
Going incognito will prevent it saving.
So write down all your answers for a redo if you need a hint.
Or have lots of time to do it in one playthrough.
Funny side note: you can look at a bunch of hints after you win.

Stevens Miller said...

Fun, a bit vague here and there, not as satisfying as previous entries.

While I give the devs credit for an inventive use of generated imagery, I think the community animosity towards that sort of thing is reason enought not to use it again. Certainly, it is recognizable for what it is and the consistently "off" look that it has is distracting and mildly nauseating.

Worthwhile investigation, but time to move past it.

Anonymous said...

Even when I did the correct thing with some of those photos, the thing I was supposed to get was illegible...

Anonymous said...

I just could not understand the image with the fish. Had to use a hint on that.


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