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September 30, 2023

headlong hunt [download paid, giveaway]

Do you remember that clever puzzle game about a field biologist trying to capture a fearful animal across icy islands from a couple of years ago? Well, developer Toombler kept working on the game, and today here's the commercial full release of Headlong Hunt! There are now over 100 expertly-crafted puzzles in a unique painterly art style to enjoy.
The game is out on Steam and and the developer was so kind to provide 10 free Steam copies for the bontegames visitors. So it's time for another bontegames giveaway! Send me an email ( by Friday October 6th, noon CET, with 'hunt' as subject and an innocent hand will pick 10 winners who will receive a key to download this excellent puzzler for free from Steam.


Bart said...

It's Friday noon CET, the giveaway has ended, about to pick the winners, watch your inbox!

FadhilKwan said...

Ayyyy, thanks alot for the giveaway, Bart! And GG to all the other winners as well.
I've redeemed the code, will check the game soon once I got the time~ :D

Squirrel said...

I absolutely love this game, but I simply cannot solve "Combined 28". I think it may be impossible and would be thrilled if someone were to prove me wrong.

Squirrel said...

I am also completely stumped by "Combined 30".


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