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September 25, 2023

courtyard [browser]

Make your way to the crown to achieve glory in the sokoban-style puzzlescript puzzler Courtyard by Parachor. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

Easy enough that I could do it! I got the normal ending anyway. Anyone figure out the secret ending? I know where in the grid the secret room should be, but the adjacent rooms do not appear to have an unused passage. There is one room a few blocks south of there that does appear to have a bridge to nowhere, but that would lead off the grid; just in case, I tried constructing walkways off the screen at every available point without success.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, power of posting. :) I was looking in the wrong place.

Stage name said...

Good game. Reached the throne and the grail. Spent a lot of time pasting together a map I never got any use out of. Best feature is the automatic save that returns you to your last safe position.

Anonymous said...

Good game! Got both endings. The grail takes some outside of the box thinking. Puzzles are fair. I was challenged and had to do some backtracking, but I didn't feel like I needed to be in Mensa to solve them.

Anonymous said...

Great game!

svr said...

ok seems i am not as clever as you all since I don't get how to get the grail
according to my map the grail should be at G be I can't see how to get there

Anonymous said...

> ok seems i am not as clever as you all since I don't get how to get the grail

hint: consider what the possibilities are to use the boulder left near the crown, it can only go so many places

Anonymous said...

@svr another hint: there is not a direct path into the grail room, so think about where you've seen alternative ways to leave a screen (probably in the vicinity of that room)

Parachor said...

Thanks for the feature, Bart! I'm glad that people are enjoying it :)

I've been a fan of the site ever since I was a young kid playing Flash games after school. I'm sure younger me would be proud that I would one day make it onto a site that I loved so dearly with a game of my own!

Lighty said...

I liked this game, the multi room problem solving confused me at first, but then liked it. A lot of undoing required, but generally logical movement and not too many dead ends. At least the restart allowed you to know when you'd completed an area correctly.

humayoun mussawar said...

I enjoyed this game, although the multi-room problem-solving aspect initially perplexed me, I grew to appreciate it. It involved a fair amount of undoing, but the overall gameplay was logically structured with relatively few dead ends. The restart feature was particularly helpful in indicating successful completion of an area.

By humayoun MUssawar


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