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August 02, 2021

teleport jumper [browser]

Use a short range teleport to bypass obstacles and reach the exit in each level of the latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: Teleport Jumper.


Anonymous said...

A little different than his usual style, some levels require careful jumping and timing.

Long Peter said...

Some levels could use a "second change coin".
Like level 21,
If you fall in the "pit", a single coin there to give you a second change would be nice.

Most time I felt due to not or to late reacting to a key stroke.
I second change would be nice, instead of redoing all the level again.

Stevens Miller said...

Teleport stopped working every so often. Had to restart the level when that happened. Gave up on Level 4 because of this. Using Chrome/Windows.

Long Peter said...

@Steven Miller,

Dit you noticed the teleport coins at the top left?
Showing how much teleports there are left?

You can refuel them by picking up coins.

veewee said...

@Long Peter

that's helpful - I hadn't noticed that just like Stevens.

I'm stuck on level 6 =(

Lighty said...

I agree with @Anonymous, more jump timing than his usual games, especially on 23, although initially managed to solve that by teleporting through the red platform when I shouldn't have been able to. did go back to solve it properly though.

Saw some teasers on Robert's twitter page so was glad to see the finished product.

Lighty said...

@veewee for 6, start with the 2 coins in the same box

From there just follow round, though you don't need all the coins.

Anonymous said...

@Lighty - I am finding 23 impossible... but I will try out your cheat. Still, I'd like to know how you did it without cheating.

Anonymous said...

It would be really nice if there was an indicator that showed just how far you could reach, so you don't have to spend 5 mins trying to time it at the very top of the jump - sometimes that exactly what you have to do, and sometimes it's just out of reach but you don't know until you've tried 50 times - and even then maybe you were just a fraction of a second too late.

Anonymous said...

Level 13 is a perfect example of how precise your timing has to be! If you don't make the very first jump+teleport, you can't get anywhere. I never could get it just right and gave up.

Lighty said...

@Anonymous17:28 for 23 it's extremely difficult to get the timing right. You have probably got the left coin, then the lower and second up right hand side coins, but from the second right hand side platform you need to time it just right to be able to teleport back right to the next platform above you.

Level 24 was simple in comparison.

There is a video walkthrough down in the comments below the game if you get stuck.

Lighty said...

Just noticed a modification to 23 on the right hand side. This makes it a lot easier!

Anonymous said...

Never mind! I finally got 23. that jump to the third block on the right has to be reeeeallly precise!

Long Peter said...

After the Modification level 23 is a lot easier.

1 or 2 floors are now teleportable. That makes it a lot easier.

Stevens Miller said...

Oh, thanks LP. Didn't see that. Would rather that not be part of the game, actually, but that's a personal preference.

Anonymous said...

I rather liked this & thought it was just hard enough.
Good job!

Urban Garlic said...

So I apparently missed the high-difficulty version of Level 23, but I surmise all the "floors" were non-teleportable? That sounds ... hard.

Many of the difficult levels seem to boil down to finding the right order of operations, if you can do that, the required moves aren't *too* twitchy. I'm on the low end of hand-eye coordination, I think, and I was able to get there. I think I had the most trouble with level 22, actually.


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