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August 03, 2021

pyramid of flames [browser]

Defy all the flames in the pico-8 platformer Pyramid of Flames created by Paranoid Cactus for the for rndgamejam 2021.


Anonymous said...

This would be great if it had some checkpoints. As it stands now, even the slightest mistake send you back to the start of the level to do it all again. After a few times, it loses its flavor.

Anonymous said...

The amount of backtracking here is incredibly frustrating

Beautiful-looking game with a lot of interesting aspects, but it *needs* to put checkpoints whenever you touch an ankh/press a button,etc

Also confusing whether you're carrying an old item or have lost it when you die, would be nice if this was shown on-screen

Anonymous said...

Same for the checkpoints. But that satisfying ending though, worth all the efforts! (still waiting for an animation)

Anonymous said...

Controls are too loose. Agree the slightest mistake or bump sends you back. Also agree with lack of checkpoints and back tracking.

Anonymous said...

The "room" changes sort of serve as checkpoints, so if you collect an item or hit a switch, ducking into another room will lock that progress in.

Anonymous said...

You know, consider me a possible convert to loving this game. I cursed it in the beginning regarding issues others have written about. I started it and was exasperated after repeating the same sections over and over and over, only having a split second to get a glimpse of where you are supposed to go before you get killed for the thousandth time and then having to learn how to get through that portion, getting killed another thousand times.

My irritation just drew me back to it, and whether it is a flaw or on purpose, it doesn’t save your progress if you close your browser, so you get more and more “practice” going over the early segments because you have to start all over. True, the controls offer no forgiveness, and the checkpoints seem few and far between, and there is one segment just before the finish that could be considered to be almost unfair, but those challenges grew on me. Once you begin to figure out the idiosyncrasies, it remains highly challenging, but it doesn’t get old. I can see me going back to this one again and again if a conference call gets boring.

I can only imagine how hard the folks work to put any of these games together for our enjoyment; win, lose or draw, I have to express my gratitude to them, and I applaud Bart for not only his great games, but also introducing us to a wide variety of games like this one

Anonymous said...

I agree with the immediately previous Anonymous author. The game, frustrating though it can be, is addictive, and I do feel like I could enjoy the experience of improvement over time.

The ending, when found, was lackluster. But would I play another game by Paranoid Cactus? Oh yes. I think with some options to save, and a little more time for a more enjoyable ending to be created, this could be a big thing.

Thanks, Bart! Thanks, Paranoid Cactus! I look forward to more!

-- "Anonymous C"


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