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August 05, 2021

radiance hearts [browser]

Play as Light and Lumi, on their journey to save the world from darkness, in the platformer Radiance Hearts by Yword.


Anonymous said...

Generally fun, but there's a few issues.

First, the lack of invincibility frames in the boss fight really makes things annoying.

Second it's particularly easy to drop your companion by accident, which basically kills you in the boss fight.

Third, the boss fight has a few near-un-dodgeable attacks, one where it blasts from one side of the arena making so if you're not near it or ready for it (the tell for it is the same as an easier to dodge attack so it's easy to confuse the two) you're pretty much screwed, and another attack late in the fight where the boss does several rotations (Starts w/ two rotations for a just barely dodgeable attack initially, but the number of rotations increases) which frankly just seems impossible to dodge based on how fast the attack is.

This game definitely has potential, but there needs to be some adjustment. Invincibility frames, perhaps the character swap button could also be the drop button so as to avoid accidently hitting it, and perhaps some adjustment to the first boss since it is the first in what I'd assume to be many bosses in the future. Also, maybe when the two characters are combined their health bars could combine as well, so you don't have to worry about watching two health bars in the boss fight/in the world.

Anonymous said...

and doesn't save your progress, which also stinks

dursus said...

I quit at the boss fight as well.

Leonard said...

Came back to it and managed to beat the final boss this time around, after a couple of failed starts. All attacks are dodgeable in my experience.

I might have just gotten lucky with the beam from the side, always being close to the boss and being able to get behind it.

The trick with the rotation attack is that it is limited range. Just get away from it a little and you're fine.

imterriblystucked said...

I quit once and came back to discover that progress was not saved. Then played the whole thing again until the final boss... I quit. It's way too hard compared with the rest of the game.

Nat R. (the Chicken) said...

I did beat the boss, the main thing is to take it slow, regenerate, and save your health for tanking an attack or two when the thing is nearly dead. (Would have been nice to realize that the spin attack was limited range though, gotta admit.)

The thing that kinda annoyed me about this was that it has the same music track (and nearly identical visual style and a very similar enemy type) as the one other game I've ever seen from this dev, the vertical roguelite Eko, which I had installed on my computer for a while before I realized how uninteresting it was. I have to say this one only does a little better.


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