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May 15, 2021

the two met [browser]

Click the mouse button to move forward in the puzzle game The two met by Karvan, where a cat is about to meet someone.


Anonymous said...

I got tired of it on the 4th or 5th level.

Anonymous said...

Slooooow to load.

Anonymous said...

Under no reasonable definition of "puzzle game" is this a puzzle game. It was honestly pretty terrible, too. I gave up on the third level, finding it excruciatingly tedious. There was really no excuse for the extended animations between levels that had nothing to do with anything, either.

Rebecca said...

Nice little game. I liked the story and the music, and the puzzle elements were interesting.

Anonymous said...

The actual gameplay I could take or leave, but that was some of the best style and music of any game I can remember

Andy said...

Sorry, Rebecca, but I disagree. The music is okay, and so is the little part of the story I saw. But ... it's not a puzzle, just a test of my reflexes. That's not interesting, it's just frustrating. I'm glad you like it; I don't.

jcfclark said...

My kitties didn't stay on the track. They wandered off into the ether.

Nathan K. said...

I really like the design of this game-- the music and short scenes (at least, the ones I could make it to) are cute and refreshing.

The gameplay itself is really tough, though! I tried for quite a while, but I couldn't make it past the third level. Then again, my reflexes are not that great, and maybe this game wasn't meant to be played using a touchpad?

I hope this creator keeps making games-- there's good stuff here; it's just hard to get very far into it.


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