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May 10, 2021

escape game mini [browser]

A short escape the room game for a pleasant start of your week: Escape game mini by 100 years old.


Anonymous said...

1st!! Great little game.

Lighty said...

Weird, managed to get out first time without solving the top drawer, clicking around the cat gave me the comic. Second time through got the top drawer puzzle.
Nice quick game for a lunchtime

exca314 said...

Kind of guessed my way through the top drawer... Got the cards, but couldn't figure what the reason for the ordering was - does it have to do with the markings above the door?

Anonymous said...

Still can't figure the code over the door.

Bart said...

For the code above the door: have a look at the layout of the symbols on the playing cards

Anonymous said...

code over door:

hint 1: where else has three symbols
hint 2: it has nothing to do with roman numerals
hint 3: connect the dots

Anonymous said...

Needs work.
I got the comic from under the cat.
I got the 2 card
I can't enter the * code.
I gave the comic to the man.
I can't enter the door code.
I easily hack the card drawer using 2.
I feed the cat & man lost another tooth.
Now the door code opens & I won.
Is this the way?

Anonymous said...

Solved it properly but as Lighty posted above there is a spot under the cat you can click to get the comic without doing the other puzzles.

Anonymous said...

I am so confused... I just took the comic from under the cat and gave it to the man, without solving any puzzles, then I enter the code on the door, and I'm out???
I think I set the record for first play through, that was maybe a minute XD

Nat the Chicken said...

Yeah the cat thing is a glitch, you're supposed to get cat food from the top drawer to put in the bowl before you can get the comic. It's still pretty quick using the intended route, just get the box code and the bottom drawer code using the hints in the room and then use the three cards for the top drawer code.

Kaden Vanciel said...

I was only able to get the card. And the game won't let me turn around to look at other angles.

MRK said...

@Kaden There aren't other angles. This is a one view setting.

Cute game. Was able to play through 'as intended' (didn't experience the glitch with the cat and the comic). Thanks, 100 years old and Bart.


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