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May 17, 2021

cats n wires [browser]

One peaceful afternoon all of your 20 cats disappeared. Can you get them all back in the puzzle platformer Cats n Wires by Kultisti?


TiCKed said...

Yeah....I must be extra stupid tonight, because I can't figure out what the goal, (or mechanics), are for this "connection" thing.

Bart said...

When you disconnect one end of the wire you have control over that end with the cursor keys. Once you reconnect it, control returns to the character. You should use the wires to create platforms to help the character.

Anonymous said...

Use the arrow keys, as it is hard to rewire mid air jump using wasd.

What have I done?
I can't look after 20 kittens!
I can't afford to feed them all.
I certainly can't get them fixed.
They start reproducing as early as 4 months old.
So by the end of 1 year I will have 40 more.
& 120 more the next year, 360 more the year after...

PK Levine said...

Solid game, but too easy IMO (since you can make almost any path you need) so I got bored around level 10.

Nat the Chicken said...

Nice! Believe it or not, I actually had trouble on "return." Guess why?

...I didn't know you could move both ends of the wire. I got up to that point by moving only II.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED that game! The music was so peaceful. It was pretty easy, but after a stressful day I didn't mind at all. Very cute! Would definitely play more by this creator.

MRK said...

Very fun, clever game mechanics and puzzles, relaxing music, and cats = Everything you you need. Thanks, Kultisti and Bart!

Yu said...

Adorable little game =3


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