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May 21, 2021

boxbob [browser]

Bob is hired to push boxes. Help him on his journey to be the best at his job in the sokoban-style puzzler BoxBob by Carlos Pedroso. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

Totally stuck on 11.
I get that the 2 won't fall in the hole.
But there still is no room to get by.

Lighty said...

@anonymous16:01 level 11 takes a bit of juggling, first trick is to swap the positions of the 2 blocks, to begin with, push left and get 'underneath' then push the block back to their starting position then you can move the large block across and up and use it to push the small block down. It's then doing a lot of using each block to push the other.

If you're still stuck, the below is the full sequence, shift13


Anonymous said...

The level of genius involved in making these astounds me.

Anonymous said...

very satisfying. i can get and replicate all solutions now as well ^__^

Anonymous said...

i'm dumb
stuck at 6
help please!

Anonymous said...

damn it, i got it with the power of posting
here's a hint for level 6, for anyone stuck as i was:

make the single box push the double box upwards, then squeeze between them

Anonymous said...

I just found the walkthrough on youtube:

Long Peter said...

The last levels you can solve by running al possibilities,
If you do the wrong move, you are stuck within one move.
Just try all possible to solve them.

Further really nice game.
Where are the extra levels, I want them

Urban Garlic said...

Agree with @Long Peter, the intermediate levels are probably the most difficult. The last few, and for me the last two in particular, can be solved by trial-and-error to avoid getting stuck, the set of moves that keep your options open is small and reasonably quick to search.

Neat game, kind of turns into a cross between Sokoban and those sliding-block puzzles.

Bill said...

Yeah, fun stuff. I got stuck on the two mentioned here, #6 and #11; watched the walkthrough for #6, got #11 with Lighty's "swap positions" hint. There were a couple others in the middle that really made me sit and think a while as well.

Stage name said...

Yes, good variation on Sokoban. Not used to pushing more than one box at a time, and had to keep a watch on those tricky wall indents, but enjoyed it. Thanks, Bob Box.

Nat the Chicken said...

Puzzles good, not too hard (i.e. not hard enough for me to lose interest), art and aesthetic were great, especially with the different environments for different puzzles, but I really loved the music, that was the best part!


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