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April 24, 2021

wizard's way out [browser]

Trapped in a prison, a wizard uses telekinesis to push and pull their way out of the darkness together with newfound friends and return to the surface in the puzzle game Wizard's Way Out by Kikimora Games.


Anonymous said...

Don't believe the lies.
It is not sound that wakes them up.
Also keys are lighter than guards.

KV said...

Level 8 has me stumped. I'm sure the solution will be obvious once I realize it.

RadioInactive said...

Great game, the hardest levels were definitely 8 and the last one.

Anonymous said...

The first post contains a hint that applies around level 9ish.

Nat R. said...

Hah! That is EXACTLY what I thought would happen once he escaped. Good puzzles, dumb wizard, great game!
(I always say to myself that it's a shame they put so much work into designing the game enemies and mechanics, those nice animations, sound design etc. for only a handful of levels, but I have to admit that if it were longer, I would lose interest and not finish it.)

MRK said...

Very fun. Loved the graphics, the game mechanics, music, story, and just the right amount of challenge puzzles. Thank you, Kikimora Games and Bart!

Urban Garlic said...

This is good stuff. Had to bail on #12 and come back a day later, but I eventually got it -- level of difficulty feels about right. I find the controls a bit clunky on my laptop, but only a bit.

Yu said...

Those guards are terrifying T___T

Anonymous said...

got out of 11 with two extra moves in the bank

also dont know what is meant by "its not sound that wakes them up"


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