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April 12, 2021

inner tao [download paid]

Lucas Le Slo is regularly featured here on the blog and today he releases his first commercial game: Inner Tao, a meditative puzzle game where duality fills the whole. You can get this relaxing (and difficult) puzzle game from Steam or


Stevens Miller said...

Three bucks is not a lot for a game. But the video does nothing at all to let you know what it's about. Likewise the text. This one really needs a free demo, so people can see if it's their cup of tea.

Yu said...

Seems like a quite interesting puzzle game. I like how clean and simple it looks, might purchase it later :)

Bart said...

It's a great puzzler about pushing black and white items into place and flipping between the black and white worlds, but you should love a challenge ;)

Paperback Writer said...

Thanks Bart for introducing this game. I just bought it and love it. It really is a hidden gem.

But somehow the game makes me think I'm too stupid to play. I'm only at level 16 and already seriously desperate and confused :D

Anonymous said...

I find many games start out fun but not so many stay that way.
They get too hard or grindy & my joints start to hurt.
Thankfully I now have over 150 free games to try for free.
Thanks for telling me about Epic games Bart.


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