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April 02, 2021

sugar, sugar 3 2021 and sugar, sugar app update [browser, mobile]

The next part of my Flash sugar browser games has been resurrected and converted to html5 thanks to the partnership with Poki. So you can now enjoy sugar, sugar 3 in your browser again! And I have some more sugar, sugar news: I have just updated the mobile sugar, sugar app with another 20 new levels! So make sure to update the app or check it out on the Apple app store or the Google Play store if you do not yet own the game on your mobile device. The new levels give an interesting spin to the game... enjoy!


Unknown said...

I was loving this game and then it crashed with this message:
[EXEPTION]: TypeError: Cannot read property 'getParameter' of null
at t._webGlInfo (blob:
at new t (blob:
at Function.t.init (blob:
at blob:
at blob:
[LOG]: [AVMCrashReporter] Generate report...

Anonymous said...

game crashed :( same error message as previous person

Anonymous said...

After trying several times, I just gave up on level 28. It requires a certain amount of exactness that I just can't seem to get with a notebook and touchpad. Enjoyed the game up until that part, but I just can't get it. The sugar just stops moving no matter how steep the angle. The fat crayon lines seem to create some "texture" that just holds them up. Maybe someone better than me can get past it. Otherwise, a pretty good game.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for making these accessible again, Bart!

Anonymous said...

An ad after every level? Too much


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