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July 06, 2020

show [browser]

Take a seat for the picture, but you will have to figure out how, in the puzzle platformer show by Matt Ugh.


Anonymous said...

I would have liked a volume control, but tab mute works.
One level gave me some grief getting the timing just right.
Never used the mega jump cheat as I read about it afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the most original game I've played on here in both concept and style in a very long time! Thanks so much for finding this!

David said...

Cut game

Anonymous said...

Excellentm beautiful style (beautiful, simple score), getting the timing was sometimes frustrating, but worth grinding through

ROBOT said...

need help i accidentally the second level

Andy said...

Yet another twitch game...

My aging reflexes aren't up to it, I'm afraid.

Nat R. said...

This one worked for me. Biggest complaint was the deathboxes, they screwed with my last-minute jumps a bit.

Also, since the guy finally got to his seat just in time to watch the credits, I stayed to watch for a post-credits scene, but nothing else happened. Not even a game restart. Not like I expected to see Thanos, but still disappointed.


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