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June 30, 2020

duck waddle [browser]

Help out a family of ducks by creating trains of ducklings and covering all the checkered finish tiles to complete each level in the puzzler Duck Waddle by Pixelulsar (controls: cursor keys, space to select level, r to restart a level).


MRK said...

Cute graphics, fun puzzles. Thanks, Pixelulsar and Bart!

Stevens Miller said...

I thought the puzzle concept was fine. I wasn't able to figure out what governs when the mother duck can cross some barriers and when she can't. And, while I guess some people like them, I am not fond of these games that deliberately recreate the look of '80s tech, particularly the monotonous square-wave "music."

Hespetr3 said...

Fun and a little bit frustrating. Has me coming back to try again.

Anonymous said...

It took quite a few trys to finish.
I ended with a few over par & a few under.
Standard snake game, but much more cute.
No not really, lol.

Andy said...

Like Stevens, I can't figure out the rule about when the duck can or can't cross the barriers; it seems random to me. I like "brain" games in general, and my comfort zone between too simple and too hard is pretty wide, but this one is just frustrating.

Smowler said...

I think you can cross the barriers moving down the screen but not up the screen.

Anonymous said...

I read them less as barriers and more as tiered levels in a garden. Ducks can hop down a tier, but then can't get back up. It makes sense when they have the ducklings, who can't fly yet. Less obvious why the lone duck wouldn't be able to go back up a tier, but maybe they're not good fliers.

Andy said...

Thanks, Smowler (and Anonymous), that seems to be it.

Anonymous said...

The game will not start.
I only see a black screen.
I use Chrome.
What can I do to make it worK?

Anonymous said...


Bart said...

I've just checked and the game is working fine in Chrome. Maybe you are using an ad blocker that is causing problems?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bart,

You are right!
I've closed my adblock and now it's working great.

Sir Light said...

Nice little game but boy it is annoying to play without an undo key.

Also I've seen a duck under some circumstances been able to go up a level, but I am not sure what caused it, or was it a bug or not.

P.S. Game is working fine for me with adblock enabled.

Lighty said...

Came back to this today after struggling with the copy and paste level, then realised I just needed to follow the instructions (and the flowers).

Interesting concept having he ducklings block your moves, need to plan ahead, but agree with Sir Light, no undo makes this annoying at times


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