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July 27, 2020

edna - out of sight, out of control [browser]

Make your way through a castle filled with doors, switches and mirrors by possessing statues within your line of sight in the puzzle platformer Edna - Out of sight, out of control created by Herman Chau for the 'out of control' themed GMTK game jam 2020 (controls: cursor keys to move, Z to possess, X to use levers, R to rewind).


MRK said...

Enjoyed the retro pixel art and the clever game mechanics and puzzles. (The music was a bit repetitive for me, though.) Thanks, Herman and Bart.

Anonymous said...

The map shows a shadow of a cat on level 1.
Most levels have a shadow of sushi to collect.
So if you get all the sushi will a cat appear?
Sadly I will never be able to get all the sushi.
I can,t get the mid air hop on level 6.
Also you can't hold right, it must be pressed.

Anonymous said...

I'd like a zoom out option to see the whole level. In some there's a lot of trial an error until you find a line of sight to something well offscreen.

Anonymous said...

Really good game! I was able to collect all the sushi and yes, the cat appears. I'll leave what Maneki has to say to you, hooman, up to you to discover!

Anonymous said...

How do you get the sushi on levels 6 and 8?

Stevens Miller said...

Clever and good puzzle-design.

brainiac2019 said...

i made it to the hole in level 6 i am currently trying to collect the sushi (i didnt make it in the hole i made it next to the hole


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