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January 17, 2020

overreaction [browser]

The latest puzzlescript puzzler by Lucas Le Slo is here: Overreaction. Move with cursor keys use the X to switch states. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

I don't get it at all

Anonymous said...

I get about 3 levels, then no way to move?

Anonymous said...

Can't push to make a bridge, no road to 4th room

benny said...

Press x to switch between pushing and pulling.

walkthrough for first few levels (cutoffs are checkpoints, b and r are colors)
1(b): rrrddXlldd (r)
2(r): XlddrXuuXlddrdrrr (b)
3(b): ruuulddrXuXlddrXuXlddrddd (b)
4(b): XlluXdXlrXulldXrXlluddd (b)
5(b): ddrrrluuXrdXldXrlXurrdXlXrXululdrdrurr (r)

hope that gets you started!

Long Peter said...

Finally got the level with 3 blocks above each other...

The trick is to lock 2 blocks in the down "detour"

in the end I ended up with:

Up - Down

Block on Target
Block on Target

Anonymous said...

This is crazy hard.
As you can see by the answers above.
"Z" is your best friend here.
The problem is they go all the way.

Anonymous said...

This was excellent.

Stage name said...

Took me two days to get next to last puzzle (not sure about level #s, so I'll just say top-middle of gameboard). Most of the others were no piece of cake either. But overall very good puzzling. My problem is the one I often have with challenging Puzzlescripts with no level select menu, that is I'm deep into the game and terrified of losing my game-save progress. With normal, separate levels, you can go to the game's hack page and CTRL-click on any puzzle to play it. Here it was all one big level. Clever but a little unnerving. Kudos once more to Le Slo.

benny said...

@long peter i found a different way for 6. the method starts by putting two in the bottom, A above B. pull A left, bring B up, then push A back right. Then all that remains is to walk above B and then pull it all the way to the top. It's a bit odd because the third block doesn't do anything but get in the way, so I'm not sure if this is an intentional solution.

mario said...

I spent an enormous time with the "before last" one ... altough it was seriously not that hard ! with this one it was like I wasnt really thinking and more like "trying stuff"... weird

Anonymous said...


There any walkthroughs anywhere for this thing? Oh... of course not... there are never walkthroughs for puzzlescripts! Sigh!

Unknown said...

The only easy part is right at the end when you get back to where you started, but I finished without asking for help, which might be a first for Le Slo puzzles. This is great! ... Please don't ask me to remember how I solved most of them.


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