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January 10, 2020

duality of opposites [browser]

Navigate your way through 45 levels in the latest puzzle game by Ferociter based around a synergy between two completely different controllable components: Duality of Opposites.


Nat R. said...

This is a very cool take on the mouse avoider formula, although it doesn't seem like he used the full potential of all the level design aspects together. I guess he didn't have time to design more levels, because he clearly put some thought into these ones. Ferociter is definitely going to be a name to watch in 2020, I've liked everything he's made so far! (Even if I still don't know what happened at the end of Amidst the Sky...)

Anonymous said...

I had to take a couple of breaks to save my vision.
I could really see this as a 5 new levels every day,or week kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Challenging but not overly difficult to where you just get frustrated and quit. Was able to complete the game with some satisfaction for doing so.


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