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November 12, 2019

a grim granny [browser]

The third part in the Grim puzzle platformer series is here. Help granny impress the young ones in A Grim Granny by Jronn.


Anonymous said...

No problems till stage 19.

Kiel B said...

19: Position granny so when you break the first box you don't possess any other people. Possess the person on the ground at the left, then use that person to push the box to the ground and break the top of the 3 box stack. Now granny can reach the top left (jump to hold your place as high as you can), then possess the person that's there, make your way to the top right and your soul will hit the guy trapped at the top. Then position granny so that both the elevated people are between you and those boxes, use the person on the right to get up there (via the box), break one box, use the next person to break the last box, then kill the last one and your exit is there.

Nat R. said...

To clarify, 19 has an easy solution and a hard solution, which lead to different endings. @Kiel B has given the hard one, which entails dropping the additional roof exit by breaking all three boxes and then using that exit; this unlocks level 20. If you just kill everyone without breaking any boxes, you can still leave through the other exit and get the bad ending (or as I prefer to call it, the "meh" ending).

Working on 20 now, it's tricky! (Don't tell me, I'll get it.)

Nat R. said...

Yep, got it. Not as tricky as I thought at all.

Unknown said...

Any tips for level 20. Thanks!


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