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September 30, 2019

spooky adventure [browser]

Explore the house and defeat the evil witch in the small spooky text adventure Spooky Adventure made with Adventuron Classroom, a toolkit for building text adventure games in the browser, ideal as an introduction to coding. So if you feel inspired why don't you have a go at creating your own spooky text adventure!


Anonymous said...

I'm stuck with a battery. What do I do with it?

Anonymous said...

X it all & Trust no-one!

Unknown said...

been wandering around everywhere with the battery,,, found the shameless plug dgfjsfs but the book is in the shelf and i am stuck in battery town

Anonymous said...

Is there only the one ending?

Anonymous said...

It's a shameless plug!

Anonymous said...

The battery is a red herring (it is not needed).

Examine everything in the library and the hallway.

Once you insert the book, you have to do something else with the book.

TiCKed said...

I don't know....This type of game was frustrating in 1980! With technology today, it's frustrating AND pointless. ;)

Anonymous said...

Please help. I am stuck with the battery which seems useless. I have found the skeleton but nothing else. Where is the book people are talking about? I can't take anything from the bookshelf. There are no walkthroughs online.

TiCKed said...

The key "Ah HA", is looking at the clock. Something about "scratches on the floor".

(*Move*, or *push*, or *something* to the clock...I forget the proper command).


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