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September 13, 2019

ma puzzle [browser]

Get to the door in each level by constantly flipping gravity in the puzzle platformer Ma puzzle by Egor Dorichev.


Anonymous said...

Forget about the Gravity gimmick.
Pretend your on ice.
The world doesn't spin or anything.
I got 6 coins in 247 moves.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been able to get all 9 coins? I can only manage 8.

Anonymous said...

All 9 coins are doable. Just did 9 coins in 448 moves (/w many resets)

Unknown said...

248 moves
9 coins

There's one level that requires super-accurate timing, otherwise you fall to the right forever. You have to release the arrow pointing right, and stop it right on the red button, otherwise there's no way through ... or is there something I missed?


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