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September 02, 2019

doodle alive [browser]

Try to reach the diamond in each level by switching between top-down and platforming controls with the spacebar in the puzzler Doodle Alive by Tadas Gloom.


Anonymous said...

I really like this.
found a level with 4 jump shortcut.
now stuck trying to get the middle gem of 3.

Markus said...
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Bart said...

@Markus I think you just need to switch to topdown mode (spacebar), you can't collect the gem in the other mode.

Stage name said...

I normally don't like platformers but this one is much more puzzly than twitchy. I guess you can't get stuck, but an undo would have been welcome. Hits that rare sweet spot between too easy and too hard. And don't forget to play the "Congrats" screen at the end.

Xexus said...

I did get stuck twice ... so far

Pam said...

awesome game! Got stuck a few times, but returned to beat it and did it! Not easy, original, very cool!

veewee said...

yeah,very nice - I love it too!
Stage name said it, this game hits the right spot between too easy and too hard.

Anonymous said...

cool concept

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the bonus level.
I finished just in time to go to work.
After work I had to redo the game to get it.

Unknown said...

I'm stuck on level 6 (the second one with a pencil). I managed to get the first gem, but
(i) is the only way to restart a level to Esc, pick Go to Menu, then Start the Game, then pick the level? It's the only way I've found and it's hella clunky
(ii) getting to the first gem and then the blue button takes timing, then it looks as though running along the blue blocks and jumping over the gap is the only way to get to the other part; in which case I can't jump that far and this is too much of a platformer for me.

veewee said...

re the post above....give us a better desription of what the level looks like and we may be able to give you hints if you want them..

I'm currently also idea of the level number, though

veewee said...

yeah...thuroughly stuck on level 17...=(

Anonymous said...

To unknown stuck on level 6. You can use R for restart. This level is indeed about making a jump, then hitting the space bar at the right time to stick yourself in the next area.

Anonymous said...

@veewee For level 17 you might be going in circles for a while. Work backwards from the goal to understand your objectives, and think carefully about where the gray blocks let you through. Also, getting the blue key is the last thing you do, since the only thing it's needed for is the upper right gem.

veewee said...


hmm...yah...I was thinking I first would like to hit that red button on the left in the middle, surrounded by green blocks - I don't think I can do that though. I haven't figured out how, anyway.
Then maybe the red key in the blue half of the paper bit on the top in the middle. I also don't believe I can make that work. I don't think I can get to that key unless I'm myself blue, which can only happen by first getting to that top right part of the field. Which, I don't think can happen unless I've hit the red button first.

I know I can get to the yellow bit of paper, but that's no use without the red key.

ARGHH!!! (getting a bit frustrated...still happy frustrated though..I feet it's within my grasp, but I'm just not getting it (yet))

Unknown said...


Now I've reached level 17, and I haven't finished it (and now I need to go and do something else), but I've worked out how to get to the red button: first, hit the blue button. Then go up through the middle of the long piece of paper, pop out again and jump on the fixed walls to get to the brown transporter. That gets you to the red paint without hitting the green button again.

veewee said...

@ Unknown

awesome, thank you! I actually think I had this step figured out at some point, but never managed to put it into action.
It totally works, and after that it's pretty easy =)

on to level 18!


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