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September 16, 2019

her box [browser]

Explore a surreal black and white world and unlock the mysterious box in the point and click adventure Her Box by Stonetreebook. (Look for the 'Play on Browser' button near the bottom of the page)


Anonymous said...

I switched from Chrome to Firefox & it worked.
I am fairly lost & don't know what to do.
I ran out of time for now.

Anonymous said...

Chrome works fine.
I figured out most of it.
Can't get the song right.
I assume that gets me another black box.
Still need 2 more to get the key.

Anonymous said...

& out with the power of posting!
Song is between clicks:
I had forgot to look up after riding the fish.
Also forgot about the tunnel side door.

WeeEck said...

Now loading......this
Now loading......a
Now loading......terrible

Anonymous said...

Can we find some actual good games to put up here?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 17 September 2019 at 01:47 who said

Can we find some actual good games to put up here?

I plus the rest of us who follow Bart and probably Bart himself will, I'm sure, be very pleased to hear of those that you find

Anonymous said...

Trump RPG - The Fart of the Deal:
This is a terribly funny game.

Anonymous said...

This one was not that good for me at least. I don't know if I lack of some artistic point of view but the reality, again -for me-, is that the game is not accessible, or easy readable, let alone understandable. I came to the comment section to see different reactions to it but I think the overall reaction is the one of... a tiny - not to be harsh - tiny dissapointment.

Nat R. said...

I can't follow the logic of this game at all, but I love the atmosphere! I'm a sucker for surrealism, whether it has any logic to its surreal environment or not.

I'm very proud of myself for figuring out the sound sequence puzzle, even though I haven't the faintest clue what I got or what it should be used for. That's the only progress I made as far as I can tell...

Anonymous said...

everyone is saying there is a sound sequence puzzle, I played the whole thing without sound... how.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that was...not good.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's intentional, but you can use the bed -> tears -> cup to get multiple black boxes.

I never figured out what to do about the guy with the box in his chest nor the bookcase of boxes.

Stevens Miller said...

We couldn't make any sense of it. We seem to have acquired some items, but there's no way to access an inventory. And... there are puzzles? Someone please tell us where the first one is. Maybe we can get the idea from that.

Emily said...

I liked it.
I felt a little lost at first, but like most games without instructions I could figure out what I was supposed to do by clicking around. It's not really puzzles so much as exploration, and some finding and using items. The inventory system, that doesn't actually show an inventory, was unusual, but the use of items was not necessarily logical at all points so not having to pick which items to use was, in my opinion, a plus (still, showing what items you had would've been better). Although the use of items wasn't always logical, since there were so few things in any given place you could usually guess what you were able to interact with. There were also small clues here and there, such as the book showing you to put black boxes in that one device and that there was a box on the right side of the ocean, or the one image of the empty cup filling up.
The lack of clear instructions and path leads the player to have to explore on their own, and I think fits with the theme better than something without some confusion.

jcfclark said...

Wound up going in circles. Will revisit when I'm feeling more creatively venturesome.

Anonymous said...

Haven't yet finished the game, but so far enjoying it!

I like the gameplay. Its simple, uncluttered and doesn't require too much brainpower. The storyline is perfectly told through the sound effects and pictures. The art is imaginative, original and only adds to the experience.
I think the lack of in-game instructions fits well - something about the absence of words or direction places it with a nicely surreal atmosphere; You don't need an inventory seeing as you're collecting very little but it might be useful to have a counter of your boxes somewhere on the screen. I think instead of instructions throughout the game, like some are suggesting, perhaps there should just be hints for the puzzles.

As for the puzzles, they're pretty straightforward, except for the musical one and the one about the person with the box inside them.
I have not yet figured out these two puzzles except I think, for the musical one, you need to hit all the sounds within the timer and click that too once you've finished. I'm pretty sure I'm wrong, though, as I've just done that and nothing has changed. No idea for the other one, but I'll figure it out!

Overall a good game and one I wish there were more of!!


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