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March 06, 2019

the happy escape - new year santa [browser]

After a one year break, Tesshi-e is back with a new escape the room game. Solve the puzzles, find 10 happy coins and get a present from Santa in The Happy Escape - New Year Santa.


Russmon said...

I seem to have found a glitch. About midway through when you get the code for the box on top of the piano and enter it the light in #2 position does not stay on so you can not turn it off. If you enter the proper code anyway the lid opens, you get the stuff inside. However, when you insert the battery and push the button the lights on the tree do NOT light up. So you don't know the code for the Mr. Birdies. Also the radio reappears on the shelf and the 3rd Mr. Birdie reappears behind the painting.
Chrome OS used here.
The walk through on YTube does not behave in the same manner.
Serious problem here.

Pam N. said...

I'm also stuck on the light buttons on top of the piano. There's no consistent pattern to what lights up and turns off when you click the buttons. Unfortunately unbeatable :/

Ed Murphy said...

I got the problem with the lights on the tree, then followed some other steps from the YTube walkthrough that I'd missed, and later the lights on the tree worked correctly. So presumably you need to have/use something else in addition to the battery, and/or the battery is "wet" at first and needs time to dry out before it will conduct properly.

Ed Murphy said...

Light buttons on top of piano are related to switch behind painting

Ed Murphy said...

And done! "One ending" but three choices of present, I picked the one on the left and got three more coins.

Xexus said...

Big Tesshi-e fan, but this one seemed a bit rushed. Pick up an item and later go back to see it still there, lights on piano didn't light up (didn't need them to solve, but still ...), clock reverts to time when pulling the door. Artwork is lovely as always, but not up to his usual standard.

I do wish he'd bring back the Happy Coin merchandise (all but sold out for a year at least), and that he had a way to ship out of country. I'd love to buy a Happy Coin, but the mugs look very nice.

Xexus said...

I chose the middle box and got a pretty key.

Anonymous said...

Buggy here too - the tree lights did not glow (used walk-thorough for that). The piano top box works, even though its lights don't light up properly.

I chose the right box and got a Mr Birdy.

Bart said...

I read on Tesshi-e's Twitter that the bugs should now be fixed

Anonymous said...

I thought I put the right code in Mr Hippo.
I thought I put the lid back on the cake.
I thought it was well done & don't know why I had any trouble.

Anonymous said...

just did it, no bugs!

Only ones I had to look for help were stars on the bottom of cake top, and realizing military time for H:M box.

I chose the pink box on the right and got a Mr. Birdy at the end!

Anonymous said...

Done, I had no bugs... easy one - although finding the "stars" riddle solution is not so obvious. No big deal apart from that.
I found it somehow disturbing that tools one does not need anymore stay in the inventory... one wonders if they should be used again or not.


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