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March 20, 2019

baba is you [download paid]

I don't usually post paid downloadable games but I will happily make an exception for the superb puzzle game Baba is you by Arvi Teikari. I posted a link here on the blog to the early free version of this game in 2017, but now the game is fully released with over 200 levels! In every level the rules themselves are present as blocks you can interact with and by manipulating them you can change how the level works to find a solution.
You can download this excellent puzzle game on Steam or


Riiick said...

Baba is you is one of the best puzzle games I have played and I definitely recommend it if you can afford it!
I'm basically obsessed and I can't stop thinking about it when I'm not playing it.

Nat R. said...

Just got an email that this was out, it was on my wish list. I'll definitely get it at some point, the original was a great concept.

david said...

This is one of the best mechanics and lovely games ever. so simple so hard! 20h play time and counting.... Thank you so much Bart!

Yu said...

Fantastic game (and quite frustrating). My man and I loved the concept and enjoy thinking together. We can't escape the "Prison" yet, tho xD

IAB said...

I also love Frozen Fruits (both free and paid versions) - would highly recommend them.


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