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March 05, 2019

can you even [browser]

A physics puzzler about spelling. Can you solve the six puzzles by grabbing and rearranging the letters carefully? Can you even by Antti Haavikko.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cute concept, but very glitchy. Trying to move letter, and the screen moves instead. Not sure if it is my browser or a glitch in the program. Gave up before solving the first word.

jcfclark said...

So I spelled the first word and I must be missing the "next" button because the game never moved on to the second word (unless I'm supposed to download it?). Also, an on/off music volume control would be appreciated, but maybe that's in the download as well? Cute concept & good mechanics.

Anonymous said...

I knew what the first word was, but trying to move the letters was problematic. Letters kept I gave up.

Nat R. said...


First: spell "casting"
Second: move T to spell "cats ing" (I don't know what the logic behind that is, I got it from the video)
Third: Grab letters to keep them from breaking
Fourth: Get ball to flag
Fifth: Stack all letters on central platform
Sixth: spell "actings" (only two movements required)

Bart said...

@Nat For the logic of level 2: take a good look at the background ;)

benny said...

######## Also spoilers ########

For 2 I kept thinking you literally had to spell the word "it." The details giving the actual solution are hard to catch when you're on the second level and don't have any familiarity with the background, especially when you can't go back and forth in-game to catch the differences.

For 3 instead of trying to time your grabs exactly, you can just buffer the letters' fall with other letters

Anonymous said...

The fifth stage is to touch all the letters and make them smile.

Anonymous said...

haha for the second level I literally tried to make the letters look like a nike swoop until I read the cheats

Nat R. said...

Oh DUUUUUHHHH! How unobservant can I get!?

Unknown said...

I luv the game tap but think that having to hit the therapist button exactly is so maddening n the drag drop is really a headache as it never seems to drag drop on time


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