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February 26, 2019

overlink [browser]

Use logic to link tiles overtop over 30 blocky constructs and find the unique solution to each level in the puzzle game Overlink by Danny Yaroslavski.


Anonymous said...

I'm up to level 6, and I hate it already. I'm curious if there are any new mechanics introduced, but not curious enough to keep playing. The basic idea, finding a Hamiltonian path through a grid has been done a million times before.

This one adds the fact that you're on the surface of a cuboid, which changes the kind of solutions you can get over a plain rectangular lattice, but still doesn't add anything over what you get from arbitrary planar graphs.

However, having to stop and constantly fiddle with rotating the play field is extremely tedious. And worse, not being able to fill in partial bits of solutions is an absolute deal-breaker. That's a crucial feature for this kind of puzzle, and its omission is pretty glaring.

So yeah, I'm afraid this one is a complete failure. All the visual polish and soothing background music can't help a poorly-designed puzzle.

Anonymous said...

I must strongly disagree with the first comment.
I loved this game, and it does get very hard to finish.
The shapes get hollow, and bumpy with no go zones.
There are multiple colors, and turn or no turn areas.
Plus it looks, and plays great, with backtracking too.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not specially fond of this kind of games, I muast say I also disagree with the first comment...
THe gameplay is nice, the puzzles start easy but lots of new features make them more and more complex - but doable.
Nice one.

jcfclark said...

Mechanics are terrific & I may be trying to solve them all for decades. Great zen-type puzzles in which to get lost!

Stage name said...

Hey, kids! There's a whole new set of 30 puzzles at Kongregate, called Overlink Shadow. It is a bit like raking a Japanese sand garden, especially with that mellow music, but I thought both sets were worth completing.

jcfclark said...

Thanks.. Overlink Shadow is challenging & well done as well. Even like the music! Overall, both games calm my frazzled self.


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