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February 08, 2019

cactus cube [browser]

You are locked in a tiny room filled with cactuses. Can you solve all the puzzles to escape Cactus Cube by Nicolet?


Stage name said...

Cactus Cube Cute! Sort of a mini-Kotorinosu. Zen out.

Tom said...

Easy one. Short but fun.

Anonymous said...

Straight forward if you make the connections in the right order.
Otherwise you end up with trial & error then hindsight.
Really don't like the tall thin design, but I resized & reshaped.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck... I have The triangle and the pencil.

Anonymous said...

Oops, and the circle too

Unknown said...

@most recent Anonymous,

The cacti where you found the pencil have 6 arms between them. Find a box with 6 symbols to compare them to.

There are 3 places that use the same set of 4 colours. Consider the orders of the colours, and the number of flowers of each colour.

@anyone who's finished it,

Now I remember why I don't often do escape-the-room puzzles. In this case, the puzzle that stumps me is the pictures of cacti that I can turn. I think I've tried every combination - I've certainly tried all the combos suggested by the other clues - but nothing worked. I assume there's one more shape inside, and probably one more clue, which combined with the clues inside 2 of the other boxes will be the key to the second part of the box to the right of the door. But what are the books for, and what did that Big Red Button (now with a white rim) do?

Mornak said...

If you use the pencil on the paper, you'll get 4 numbers. The numbers are books, an their orientation is the orientation of the cactuses

I've got the 3 pieces but I'm trying to decypher the last 4 numbers based on this hints
2 <- 3
5 <- <- 3
9 -> -> -> 3

But I'm stuck on this

Mornak said...


Anonymous said...


I know all that, That's how you get the triangle and the circle. Unless there's another one that I'm missing? If so, where is it? Can anyone else help? Again, for clarity, I already have the triangle, the circle and the pencil.

Anonymous said...

The four cacti give a clue to the puzzle next to the door. I don't want to spoil it too much.

Unknown said...

It took a few tries to work out _how_ to use an item in the inventory _on_ another, but once I knew it's possible I got it eventually. ... and out! The way the arrows point in the opposite direction on the last clue doesn't seem to matter? Also I still don't know what the red button did.

Sample said...

Looks like I'm late to the party! It's an okay game but my browser crashes when I try to put the shapes into their holes.

Thanks anyway, Bart!

Anonymous said...

Solved it! One thing for anyone stuck with the slide puzzle next to the door: I'd recommend you look at the shelves (not the books) in the room with the four boxes.

jcfclark said...

Fun escape game. The color puzzle stumped me the most; must learn to be more observant.

MRK said...

Fun game. Liked the graphics. Puzzles interesting enough for a Sunday morning.
@Unknown: Agree that the way the arrows point doesn't really matter.
Pushing the red button changes the color of the cacti 'flower pots' above from brown to different colors.
Best part was checking out the authors' website and trying their other escape games.
Thanks, Bart for introducing us to Nicolet!

Ellen said...

Can someone help me with the last clue please I'm stuck :(

Yoyle said...

A rather easy and fun escape game, except i wasn't sure how i got the last one..


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