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February 28, 2019

hat cube [browser]

Nicolet is continuing to bring their mobile escape the room games to the browser, here is the latest one: Hat Cube.


Anonymous said...

Nice and easy one, thank you!

Yamamoto-Kou said...

Simple, but calming to solve. Thank you for posting about this!

Anonymous said...

I am sure some people will remember this one.

jcfclark said...

Had difficulty with numbers for Y B R G. You'd think I'd have learned by now to be more observant!

Anonymous said...

It was so easy & then I blanked on the rimway clue.
A restart & I was done in 2 mins.

Rava said...

Easy, but fun! There were a lot of puzzles packed in few elements, well done! I like how this games are getting better


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