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April 24, 2018

toodee and topdee [browser]

What happens when a platform game and a top down game are combined? You get a game like Toodee and Topdee, created by dietzribi for the 'combine 2 incompatible genres' themed Ludum Dare 41 game jam.


PK Levine said...

That was a REALLY great mashup!

veewee said...

@Pk Levine

did you finish the whole game?

I'm at the first level where platforms start to crumble/disappear...the key is in the top left, the portal is in the top right...
no idea how to solve this one!

Joel said...

@Pk Levine: Agree agree agree, this one's well done! Love the music. Be cool to see it reworked into a full game. :-)

@veewee: Spoilers here.

You can't finish that level if the crate goes into the pits. So, move Toodee to the platform above Topdee and crumble the two weak bricks (it's OK if you fall in). Then grab the key with Topdee (get Toodee back up if you fell in) and push the crate up and around the pits, into the large open area. Jump on the crate with Toodee.

Now you have to work Toodee up to the portal in the upper-right corner. The cycle is to 1) jump towards the portal with Toodee; 2) in mid-jump, switch to Topdee; 3) push the crate just under Toodee, switch back and repeat. Practice above the right-side platforms so you won't fall on the spikes. Step 2 is quick, but you can move Toodee a lot more than normal with this method (used again in later levels).

End Spoilers

Hope that helps!

Rogerup said...

Short game but incredible idea! Thanks Bart, for keeping us informed about these great new games.

veewee said...

Thanks Joel!
The crucial step I was not thinking of was to switch characters mid jump.

Raa said...

Great game!! And I got to the end which doesn't happen very often! Tricky but fun.


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