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April 05, 2018

the librarian [download]

Something's wrong in the library, Liz's temple and safe place is threatened by the unknown, by ghosts from her own darkest dreams. So you better go and investigate in the downloadable point and click adventure The librarian by Octavi Navarro.
Get this free downloadable game for Windows or Mac OS.


Will Stanwyx said...

Dang, when I saw "Liz's temple" I hoped this would be something related to Submachine. I'm sure it's great anyway, though!

MRK said...

Loved it! Reminded me in all the best ways of the original King's Quest games. Only wish it wasn't quite so short. Will have to go to Patreon and support Octavi so she can make more and longer games. Thanks, Bart for letting us know about this game and game creator.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thank you, Bart


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