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April 18, 2018

red, the browser version [browser]

If you don't own a mobile device on which you could enjoy my latest game, well as promised I have finally made a browser version of the game and you can play it here! This version only has 25 levels compared to the 50 levels of the mobile version (because I dropped levels that weren't suitable for the browser). Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Yes! I can finally play it. My phone has no storage.

Anonymous said...

I dont get level 25. even with hints...

Bart said...

For level 25: There are 5 sequences left/right that you can make with the letters ...

1: all letters facing left or right

so look at all the letters from left to right and push the left glass when letter is facing to the left, and press the right glass when the letter is facing to the right

2: R facing left or right

take only the R letters

3 E facing left or right

take only the E letters

4 D facing left or right

take only the D letters

5: RED facing left or right


Tom Servo said...

Yay this is awesome thank you :D

Tom Servo said...

Yay this is awesome :D

Tom said...

Fun game. Hypnotic music! I'm still hearing it even after I finished the game!

jcfclark said...

Always enjoy your games, Bart -- perhaps a bit more than I did 'Red' -- but I don't have an Android which probably makes a huge difference. (But thanks for converting it to PC!)

Zeke said...

Thanks for the help on level 25 Bart!

john said...

Thank you.

samantha said...

How can I explain what the game is?

Level 1- Click on the button 8 times.
Level 2- Drag all the way down.
Level 3- Hold until it reaches up to 3.
Level 4- The black buttons runaway when the red buttons you click are anywhere around them.
Level 5- Cross over the buttons.
Level 6- Follow the heartbeat.
Level 7- Find pairs.
Level 8- Find the button that fills then fill all the other buttons and don't forget to click the last button.
Level 9- With the first button, it lights the last block. Keep repeating using the second button, making it to the bar that flashed.
Level 10- Click two buttons that are in the same row or column.
Level 11- Go the directions using the buttons, outlined.
Level 12- Click all the buttons, there is a delay.
Level 13- Up heart is left, down heart is right.
Level 14- Click to grow, click to stop.
Level 15- The dark buttons are the directions.
Level 16- Click the eyes twice, once you see that button, wait for sleep.
Level 17- Button inverses neighbours.
Level 18- Click the same button in a certain order in the directional path you are seeing.
Level 19- Reveal letter parts.
Level 20- Only press neighbours to eat all hearts.
Level 21- Hold and drag to find all parts of red.
Level 22- The dot is the button you pressed, go in the direction the line is pointing to.
Level 23- Red button to speed up and bottom one to change background.
Level 24- Button inverses itself and it's neighbours.
Level 25- First bar: all letters second bar: r third bar: e fourth bar d: fifth bar: red der.

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6tfdhu said...

What samantha said. She's my mum. I told her what to write.

6tfdhu said...

I'm electric. Like Electrodynamix.


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