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February 13, 2015

monkey go happy valentines

Find at least 70 valentine bunnies to make the monkey go happy again in this new point and click puzzler by Robin Vencel: monkey go happy valentines.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what do you use the lute for?

-k said...

Another fun game from Robin, though I missed the clue with the eyes for longer than I care to admit. Thanks for sharing this with us, Bart!

Anonymous said...


The lute is to serenade the princess

NotMarian said...

Cute. Monkey Go Happy makes me happy. And I'm proud to have solved the math problem.

Cyn said...

I had 69 rabbits, then found three more. But it only let me click on one of those 3 before it went to the "end" screen. I wonder if the extra rabbits were for people like me. I'm usually clicking back and forth through these trying to find the one coin or whatever that I missed.

Angela said...

I'm going back through some of the games I missed, and when I get stuck I'm checking the comments here. I know I'm months behind, but I realized why Cyn got to the end screen without getting ALL the bunnies. On the title, it says to find "at least 70" bunnies, which was the first time I remember seeing that on a Monkey Go Happy game. I bet Robin did start putting in extras to help out those who missed a few.

Just my two cents! Thanks for always posting - and making! - great games, Bart!


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