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February 12, 2015

escape from the knight room

Tesshi-e is back with another room for you to escape. Have you got what it takes to escape from the knight room? (note: you can switch the language in the opening screen)


Anonymous said...

can't find the happy coin

bkonst said...

"Happy coin will bring happiness to you!!"

Anonymous said...

am stuck... :-(

have a duck, a broken key and a note (superglue).
the key and note have messages on the back side.

now what?

how to get the code for the Grey box?
what about the letters?

please help. pleeease...

-k said...

@Anon 13:00 - Have you used the broken key to open anything? It can slip behind something...

The note you have has another message on it, have you tried looking at the back of it?

eightoclock said...

@Anonymous 13:00 - The letters serve two purposes (actually three, but that is later). Note the position of the letters compared to something else you have and past Tesshi-e puzzles and what is usually done with paintings.

Anonymous said...

its' anonymous 13:00 again:

thanks for your hints!
yes, I used/slipped the key.
yes, I noted the note has two sides.

Now i figured out how to use the word on the note, the letters and the picture.

Found the hammer and the glass.

But: where do i find the heart-number?

Anonymous said...

!Got it - stupid me!

Anonymous said...


And for all the others who are stuck:

...u have to get an NSWE-orientation of the walls... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen a Tesshi-e with two happy coins before. Weird.

PyroLuna said...

@ Anonymous 20:01, are you trying to trick us into searching endlessly for something that doesn't exist or is there actually another happy coin I can find?!

Strife said...

Knights are cool, happy coin is happy, and another great Tesshie escape is done. Thanks Bart.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but 4 dials need to point from 3:00 thru 12:00 at walls W S N E .
& after opening the door a crack N E W S.


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