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February 12, 2015

kram keep

Kram Keep is a tiny metroidvania platformer made in one single screen (use SHIFT to zoom in/out). Jump with X, shoot with C, collect new abilities and find out how much Ryan Ledohowski could cram into a single screen.


Anonymous said...

Vita strikes again! First!

PK said...

^ Uh, good for you, I guess?

Fun platformer; we need more of these retro-done-right games! The hardest parts were probably the two "precision jump" sections, though the boss is a tough one as well.

Cyn said...

Tiny is an understatement. Interesting, but rather frustrating. I never have been able to master the "wall jump" thing. My fingers just aren't that coordinated.

Nova said...

This is an AWESOME little platform game!! There needs to be more of these! Very petite, very colorful, very precise! I loved our 13 pixel tall hero, and for such a small game the antagonist was well designed too

wyatt said...

very jerky... lagging... major hiccups... is it because i'm playing with XP?

di said...

i can't even get up the stairs i keep pressing x but no jump


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