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February 27, 2015

grab them by the eyes

Create the flashiest signs to lure customers to your food stand in the latest Terry Cavanagh game: grab them by the eyes (or just create some flashy signs).


jj said...

Haha, I love this!

jj said...

PK said...

That was crazy fun, once I figured out the details of how it worked.

Margaret said...

It took me three tries to win, and all of them fun!

Anonymous said...

There are some mechanics that make it almost impossible to win the first time you play.

Such as being able to buy something that's too expensive for you, provided that there's nothing left within your budget. This is very exploitable, and the enemies do.

Sitting around during the day while the customers come is rather boring. All in all, it was fun once, but not something I'd want to play again after winning once.

Anonymous said...

totally destructive :(
and so full of anger
I don't like it

Anonymous said...

Well I finished with a tie.
Very funny ending with 3rd stall.

Gentlecat said...


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