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March 15, 2011

tower escape

The king caught you sneaking around the castle and had you locked up in the tower, so now you're facing a tower escape.


Fikjen said...

Is nobody else first?!

Rava said...

Yes, it's me!....
Oh no, I'm not! :D

Anonymous said...

i need help

Rava said...

Got it, however! Nice game!

Hint: There are a number on the king picture and three letters on the right leg of the table. They are not so easy to found, I got them almost casually! :D

jdoe said...

finally :)

Anonymous said...

Walk-through does not WORK!! Help??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Anyone???????????????????????????????????????? Bart??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Walk-through does not WORK!! Help????????????????????????????????? Anyone??????????????????????????????? Bart??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Please help me figure out what position to put the shields in!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Anonymous, unless you add additional question marks to your post, we will not be able to assist you.

NotMarian said...

Glad you're back, Bart! :)

tam said...

Ok, I am nr. 2041 out.
I used some help to find the red marble (I am not nr. 1 at clicking around).
With the shields the "trick" is: you have 3 sequences of numbers in the (red?) book - and 3 levers. Use the first sequence on the shields (like as if they where hours on a clock) and the pull the first lever. Go on with second sequence and second lever. Then - guess... - with the third one.
For the key you need five marbles: 2 white, one blue, one red and one green.
Sorry if I am late.
Let me know, dear Anonymous, if you need further indications.

tam said...

The second time I am nr. 195... so I guess it only says how fast you are.

NotMarian said...

I did it. Needed some help. :(

Anonymous said...

First again as usual.

-k said...

Fun game, Bart! I managed to get 1158 and 159 on first and second tries.

Anonymous said...

Can't find the red marble!?

Anonymous said...

ok! and im out!!! that red marbel was insane to find! I hate randomly clicking everywhere almost all these games tend to do that. ***HINT for red marble use the fork as a pry bar HINT***

PyroLuna said...

i can't figure out which position to put the big wheels in

Anonymous said...

PyroLuna, you need to read some books

Johnnie said...

It's always harder with new sites games...I don't know their style :)

Disco Stu said...

Found this one annoying - had to use the walkthrough for the red marble - how you're meant to find it on your own I don't know. So to prevent frustration here's a huge hint - use the fork on one of the blocks in the room with the fire.
There should really be a subtle indication to do this within the game.

Carly said...

My nemesis was finding the second white marble on the bottom of the door. I had four marbles and one torch and ran out of ideas. The rest was easy. I sill wonder what the table leg was for... I didn't need that for some reason?

Anonymous said...

The walkthrough is to grainy to be of any help. Can someone who has finished the game please make and post a typed one?

-k said...

The table leg clue was to give you the order of the colored dots for the red book code.

Anonymous said...

Added NOTE:

GOP on table leg is 469 on the red book but this is not needed, it just tells you letters are number values

tam said...

GOP means Green Orange Purple - as -k- said it's the order (of the number of) colored dots.

Carly said...

ohh.. yeah... didn't need that. I think I figured out that it's the dots and just went by trial and error in regards to the order. :D

Coffeeteamix said...

Finally! Thanks everyone!
Alright, walkthrough time. Warning, I'll basically tell you what to do, so might not be that fun after reading it. I'll bold key words to hopefully help you skip over what you don't need.

face door
1) Pick up metal shaft from bottom shelf of right book shelf
2) Click the bottom left rock forming the arch around the door to remove it. Pick up white marble.
3) Note that there are 2 candles to be lit, and 2 books on left shelf we need 3-number codes for. Be on the lookout for these kind of codes.
3) Go right.

Face table/chair/banner
4) Click on rightmost leg of table, close to where leg meets table top. You should be able to get a closer look at a 3-letter code: GOP.
5) GOP means green, orange, purple.
6) Zoom back out and look at banner. Count the number of circles of each colour, arrange the 3 numbers in order of GOP. You now have a 3-digit number code
7) Click the left chair leg until it breaks off. Take it.
8) Click plate on table to reveal fork. Take fork.
9) Click mug on table to find worm. Take worm.
10) Pull rope beside banner to lift banner. Take white marble.
11) Turn right.

Face King's portrait
12) Click on bottom of King's portrait. This should zoom into a 3-digit number code. Copy it down.
13) Turn right.

Face fire/shields/window
14) Put worm on window sil. Take golden key.
15) Put metal rod in hole in the wall.
16) Click on log under fire, on the right, and take blue marble.
17) Use chair leg on fire to get torch.
18) There is a darker brick on the right side of the screen, 3rd row up. If you click on the brick's top left corner, it should say "The brick is loose." Will need some pixel hunting. Use fork on the loose brick to get red marble.
19) Turn right.

Face door
20) Use torch on candles to get green marble.
21) Click on purple book from bottom left shelf. Enter in the 3-digit code under the King's portrait (315). You now have 3 3-letter codes.
22) Click on red book from right beside purple book and enter 3-digit code from GOP/banner (469). You now know the relationship between letters and numbers.
23) Turn right twice.

Face King's Portrait
24) Open chest with golden key. Take cog.
25) Turn right.

Face fire/shields
26) Put cog over metal rod that you put into the wall earlier. The shields can now move.
27) Take the first code from the purple book (AFI) and translate that into numbers (169). Click the shields until the one on the far left is pointing at 1 o'clock position, middle one @ 6 o'clock, right one @ 9 o'clock. Go left 1 screen (King's portrait) and click on the leftmost lever. It should now move.
28) Repeat step 27 using the other 2 codes in the purple book and other 2 levers. (middle lever = 352, right lever = 685). The King's portrait should then move.
29) Stay on/go to King's portrait scene.

Face King's portrait
30) Examine King's portrait and find the 5 "orbs" that would correspond to the colours of your 5 marbles.
31) That would be the 3 jewels in his crown and 2 eye balls.
32) Click on the safe that was behind portrait but is now exposed. Put in the marbles according to order of orbs on portrait (green blue red white white).
33) Take white key.
34) Go left twice.

Face door
35) Use white key on door.


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