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March 04, 2011

kaitai dismantlement: mobile watch

A new dismantle puzzle: armed with only a screwdriver, can you dismantle the mobile watch in kaitai dismantlement: mobile watch?


Lilian said...

Gosh, I'm really bad at this. :(

Wind Lane said...

I love this puzzles. They're always super hard, but satisfying nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

that was a hard one :)

Johnnie said...

Did someone figure out the bomb? I really have no clue

nogi1020 said...

can anyone make a walkthrough?

Anonymous said...

Any help on the 'upper' puzzle on the back? ( the four circles?)

Rava said...

@Anonymous: the four circles are related to positions on the clock. They indicates which letters to choose.

I need a hint about the bomb too.
Pitch black so far. :(

Tom said...

That was tricky. I had a little trouble with the final puzzle (the bomb), but I eventually figured it out. The thing about these dismantle games is that once you look at the puzzles the right way, they're generally pretty easy, but finding the right way to look at them can be tough.

nogi1020 said...

I don't even know how to start!!!! i'm feeling like an idiot... :(

Tom said...

Here's a hint for the final puzzle: Try to connect the dots.

Rava said...

Got it! I had already considered connecting the dots, but I wasn't doing it right! So... thank you Tom for confirming that it was the right way! :D

@Nogi1020: Have you tried to click the top of the clock?

nogi1020 said...

yes... i still don't get what i'm supposed to do!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Can someone who has finished the game please make a walkthrough?

Anonymous said...

Which "dots" should I "connect"????

I'm 2 dumb 4 this :-(

Johnnie said...

God I love these kaitai games.
finally figured out the bomb thing

@Tom - thanks for the hint :)

deCarlo said...

When you see the bomb, it isn't activated yet. There are still hands on the watch, aren't there?

lulu said...

stuck with the dial on the back. Any clues please?

Anonymous said...


1. Look at back. Notice there are signs pointing in different directions.
2. Return to front. Pull, push or turn knob on top according to drawing on back.
3. Remove back
4. Notice a point marked "start". Notice "6:00 SKY"
5. Return to face, pull out knob twice, turn in any direction. notice that there are stars that are connected in the inner dial.
6. Go back, push circles in indicated sequence.
7. Remove all screws and cog-wheels. Notice a flap near center
8. Zoom in and open flap.
9. Notice different time-indications and something pointimg to a circle.
10. Return to front. Set indicated times and notice numbers in circle of hour hand.
11. Go to back and set the numbers relating to indicated time.
12. Remove two screws
13. Zoom in to flap in upper right quadrant and open it.
14. Notice there are squares divided into dark and bright halves.
15. Go to front. Notice that roman numbers consist of one or more letters.
16. Go to back and enter the letters that are indicated by dark halves.
17. Remove two screws and everything else. Notice a dial at 6 o'clock.
18. Return to face and notice two markers, one on the housing and one on the dial. Try to get them "in touch" by turning said dial on back.
19. Return to front. Remember "6:00 SKY". Set the hands to 6 o'clock, so that the inner dial shows sky.
20. Click on dial. Click on hands to remove them, remove screw.
21. Go to back. Remove nut from bomb and open flap.
22. Notice, while the time remaining is counting down, that there are circles with dark and bright hemispheres.
23. The dark hemispheres indicate the direction in which to draw a line.
24. Enter the resulting letters, disarm bomb, remove display.

nogi1020 said...

thank you so much for the walkthrough!!!

Anonymous said...

Mobile Watch?

As opposed to the Immobile Watch?

jdoe said...

just loooooove these puzzles!!!
for me it was one of the easiest... no problem with the bomb at all :)
too short, though

Anonymous said...

This is the first of these i did without help

Anonymous said...

OK where the @%^# is the "dial at 6 oclock" that you are supposed to use to match up the face markings? I'm stumped! I can't freaking find it!

Nemur said...

thx for walkthrough

Anonymous said...

All that I can say about this game are three little letters....

Anonymous said...

Even with the walkthrough I don't get it. Help please.

Anonymous said...

Way to (beep)ing hard!

Carly said...

Thanks, Tom. That was all the hint I needed. Love, love, love Katai Dismantlement Games!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I could not solve the last puzzle last night, even with Tom's clue and the walkthrough...I went to bed, and while I was asleep, I figured it out.

Escape games are awesome!


The Gordo said...

I so love the dismantlement games. Thanks, Bart!

Tom said...

Just a heads-up that the second-to-last puzzle was changed at some point. This is the one with the dial that can be turned left or right.

Anonymous said...

for the puzzle with the little dial on the bottom of the back:

turn in the directions shown, to hit the target areas in numerical order

i hope that helps a bit ;D


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