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March 30, 2011

shadow escape

So you're locked in this room and you must escape: shadow escape.


Tanja said...

Had to use a walkthrough, but not very often. Great game!

ElmAlder said...

Stuck on using the code for the triangle puzzle box...any clue?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the game but found it a little hard

Riiick said...

@ElmAlder The book has the clue on how to read the code

dyork said...

No probs, but finding that hole in the floor was a challenge to tired eyes!

Anonymous said...

Excellent game, thanks for posting Bart - but the exact spot to click when following the '+-+x' clue was difficult to find. I was expecting something to show up using the torch.

Tom said...

Here's the english version of the page (doesn't affect game play, just the surrounding text).

Anonymous said...

The windows aren't opening for me, I set the clock and pressed the top button and nothing... Why?!

Anonymous said...

The clock should have 7:30 AM on it. Is that what you have?

Anonymous said...


Turn right.
Take bulb and blue shape from left cb.
Take green symbole below pic frame.
Put bulb in lamp and switch on to get roman number clue VI II IV.
Note feet symbol on right side of desk.
Notice hint in book in right cb.
Open middle drawer and click to get red symbol.

Turn right.
Use roman number clue in box to get clue paper.
Take yellow symbol from trash.
Take box from table and use clue paper on symbols on table to note clock time 7:30 (look from sideways).
Put time in clock and windows open.
Turn right twice and note something in middle window's shadow.
Go back to that window and take silver key.
Use it on lower drawer to get doll.
Place doll on feet symbol on desk and move lamp head to notice arrow hint u r u d l l u r (turn 90 degrees left and note from top to bottom).
Use it on box to get cutters.
Use cutters on chain to get gold key.
Use it on top drawer to get torch.
Use torch under bed to get coin.
Take the doll back and place coin in it to get its arm stretched.
Click where the doll's hand points to expose a button and press it.
Go up the ladder and use torch to notice shape symbol.
Use it and open a trap door below the desk (a tiny dark spot below the desk).
Take key and use it on the door.
Place the shapes on the slot corresponding to the pic frame to get bars.
Take sd behind the bars, go back to ladder, open the screws with sd and take the ladder.
Use the ladder on the trap door (not in the zoomed view), go down, right and notice symbol hint on left (club, diamond, spade heart), use it on right slot and get bird shape.
Place it on the slot on the door to get key.
Use key on bars, solve puzzle and out into freedom.

LMM said...

I can't seem to get the box opened. I'm pressing the buttons in the correct order, but nothing happens. Any help?

LorinSilver said...

Great fun! The only help I needed was i finding the red piece. Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...

@ LorinSilver,

How did you get the arrow box to open? The code won't work for me! Help please!

LMM said...

@anonymous....The code on the desk didn't work for me either. I had to use the code in the walkthrough.

small-tool said...

Anonymous 20:03,

The arrows order starts at the right side (not on the left side) and besides that you have to turn it 90 degrees counter clockwise so you read from top to bottom and then the order is;

jaymar said...

Having trouble with the triangle box? Imagine the shadow of the smiling face is at the top of a vertical strip of paper. Both the order and the orientation go from top to bottom. The first triangle to click is the one closest to the latch in front. The next triangle to click is along the left side of the box, pointing to the right.

The walkthrough is referring to which way the arrows point, so 'u' means the bottom arrow, which points 'up'.

small-tool said...

By the way,
The hint why you had to do it like that (turning 90 degrees counter clockwise) was in the green book.

By the, by the way.
The walkthrough published here comes from EG24.
Would be nice to post that too if you use it.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I finally got out!

Me/You said...

And out! Wow, first one that I can do without any help... Cool! Great game!

Olavo said...

@ LorinSilver

Exactly the same for me. Just the red piece...
I felt so stupid not to have clicked once more...

Rava said...

I agree, that red piece was nasty! Never thought about looking two times in that drawer! Very good game!

Jessica said...

This part of the walkthrough makes absolutely no sense:
Use the ladder on the trap door (not in the zoomed view), go down, right and notice symbol hint on left (club, diamond, spade heart), use it on right slot and get bird shape.

First of all - the shapes are on the right, not left. And *what* "slot"?

tam said...

I cannot believe it: I had difficulties at... clicking where the little hand pointed :)
Nice game, even if I hated it when the second door shut on my face, once I already thought I was free!

jdoe said...

needed help with the triangle box - too hard to combine...

loved it, by the way ;)

Anonymous said...

OK for the last part:
You see the heart diamond spade club pattern on the wall
Uou can click on each of these symbols
The order you press on them is on the picture on the opposite wall
Top circle represents the shape of the top part of the symbol and the bottom circle represents the shape of the bottom part of the symbol
Example: it the top circle has a v notch that's the v of the top of the diamond AND the bottom circle has a v notch that's the v of the bottom of the diamond.

NotMarian said...

Woo Hoo!! I did it all by myself!

I am so proud!!!

PyroLuna said...

my order of arrows looks like
v>^^<>v> but i can't figure out how i am supposed to input that into the box, even when i try it with the combination you all have it doesn't work

Anonymous said...

@pyro: your combination is ok, just rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise and use it from top to bottom.

-k said...

Great escape game, Bart! Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Yet another game where I cycled every combo on the tumbler lock in a complete sequence but couldn't open it until I found the clue - that's very unfair.

Anonymous said...

I had to use the walkthrough because I don't understand what the math symbols at the top of the ladder had to do with finding the hole under the desk. Can anyone tell me what the math symbols (called "shape symbol: in the walkthrough) had to do with? The walkthrough was very unclear about it. Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

Never mind...I played it again, and I get what it means's the shadows of the windows.



sandra said...

This game is great!
all the stuff inside was quite unexpected:D
had to use the walkthrough but still enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused as to how the hell you put the coin in the doll!

Anonymous said...

Ok nevermind, done it ^_^

Rob said...

Dead link atm.

Rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MB said...

amaaaaazing :) but whenever u think ur there...another puzzle slames into u :P

Anonymous said...


Because I can't


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