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March 26, 2011

the ballad of ketinetto 8

Federico Rutenberg serves us the next part of his pirate themed point and click adventures: the ballad of ketinetto 8.


Jessica said...
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Anonymous said...

Try refreshing couple of times, that worked for me

Tanja said...

For me too. Finished it. Little short but fun. First?!

Me/You said...

Finished it... Funny!

Anonymous said...

It's not loading for me =(

Anonymous said...

NVM...there it goes!

Anonymous said...

Interesting ending; now I can't wait to see what will happen next.

Anonymous said...

walkthrough please

-k said...

Fun game, though I'm not fond of fishing being too difficult for a woman... Thanks for sharing, Bart!

PyroLuna said...

I have got off the cliff and into thetraps, I got a branch but i can't seem to do anything ese

-k said...

@ PyroLuna: Use the branch near the rock and then go back to the cliff and "fish" near the camp by the water (which wasn't there before).

Anonymous said...

And done. This one was easier and shorter, but still a lot of fun. I want to see the end of it...


Anonymous said...

Totally stuck. Got the leaves the flowers, coloured the totem, though may be wrong, can't make pictures on there, put the leaves on the twig and listened to the crow. What do I do next? Thanks!

small-tool said...


- Take 3 DRY LEAFS (top right of the big tree, behind Ketinetto on the ground, on the sand next to the clif).
- Take the STICK (behind the big tree).
- Use the stick to take theROPE from the middle branch of the big tree.
- Take the RED FLOWERS (right side of the screen).
- Take the BLUE FLOWERS (to the left of the big tree).
- Take the SOFT STONE (bottom right of the screen, next to the big rock).
- Combine the rope and the stick and now you have a ROPE on STICK.
- Use the rope on stick to take the YELLOW FLOWERS from the beach (by the way, only Ketinetto can do this, not the woman, Amber).
- There's a branch on the bottom of the screen. Click it till it's all the way to the right. Put the three dry leafs on them, then use the soft stone on the big rock to set the 3 dry leafs on fire and then take the CHARCOAL (the black burned branch, but to take it you have to click the not bunred part!?).
- Let Amber talk to the crow and the crow says;
- So make the top and bottom stone of the totem red, the second from the top blue and the second from the bottom yellow with your flowers.
- To make it (from top to bottom) water, fire, moon and eye, use the charcoal on it till the symbols are like that in that order and the trap on the right will disappear.

- Click on the ninja to see you have to throw something at him.
- Take the BRANCH from the bottom of the screen.

- Now there's a wooden bar on the beach.
- Use the rope on stick to on it and you don't catch the bar, but UNDERWEAR.

- Put the branch next to the rock (the rock next to the burning torch). And put the underwear on it and now you have (not in the inventory) a SLINGSHOT. Use the soft stone on it and you will fail to hit the ninja.

- Now there's a dog on the beach. Take the BANANA in fron of it.

- Put the banana on the flat stone, left in the back and a monkey appears. It will ask you 4 riddles. Answer them (answers at the bottom of this walkthrough) and you have a COCONUT.
- Use the coconut on the slingshot and you will hit the ninja and you're (for now) out.



Anonymous said...

@ small-tool,


Anonymous said...

Aww man! What an ending, I have to see what happens next!


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